Unable to access Resident Credential FIDO2 with trezorctl (TREZOR Model T)


I have successfully setup password-less login (FIDO2) on my Google account with TREZOR model T. So now I am able to login without password, using my trezor only.

Now I'm looking to make sure I can recover my FIDO2 in case my Trezor breaks or gets lost.

As far as I understand, backing up the seed is NOT enough. I also need to backup the Resident Credentials. Is that correct?

I followed the instructions and I have successfully setup the python environment as described here:


The problem is when i write the command:

trezorctl fido credentials list

I get the following result:

There are no resident credentials stored on the device.

How can there be no resident credentials when I can definitely log-in to my google account with my Trezor?

I believe there is a bug in the trezorctl



I have now setup Google, Binance and Outlook for password-less login. When i write the command now, i get information about the Outlook only: “WebAuthn credential at index 0: …..”.

However, I still do not get my resident credentials for Google or Binance, even though I can definitely log in to them with my trezor!

Please help! thanks.

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