Trying to swap $BRETT into ETH on Uniswap, what does this mean?

What does this mean? What will happen if I I click on “next”? I’m very nervous. I know how to buy Brett on the base network, but I don’t know how to sell.

I was told I just have to swap Brett into ETH, send the ETH to my Coinbase account and sell the ETH on Coinbase.

What does this message mean and am I supposed to click on “next”?

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  1. To sell you need to let the protocol have access to the coins in your wallet. This is a prompt asking you to allow that, which you need to do

  2. Put your wallet info into Revoke. It lets you see all contracts that are attached to your wallet. It gives you you the option to edit or revoke. Revoke what it pops up. It gives you a little video, there’s a couple settings you have to do. I just found out about this recently because I was having similar issues as you

  3. In order to swap your BRETT to ETH you have to first give approval to the swap contract to take your BRETT tokens. The swap will have two steps, first you will approve an amount of BRETT that the contract can take and then you will do the actual swap. In the screenshot it shows basically an unlimited amount of BRETT. It’s generally a good idea to limit the amount to what you need for this swap. This is because even after the swap, the remaining amount that has been approved can still be taken by the contract at any time, without any further permission given by you. You should be able to click into the amount box and delete what’s there, and enter your own number. Or you could click on max which will enter the max amount of BRETT that you have. After you click on next there should be another final button to do the approval. After the approval you should be able to do the actual swap. Note that if you do the approval but don’t go through the swap, then the approval is still “live”. Meaning that the contract can take your tokens, tonight, tomorrow or next week, if it wants to. That’s how approvals work. You can also check for the approvals you’ve given and revoke them on blockchain explorers.

  4. when you wanna swap, you can put the limit ;no need to be all access like in the past. and you can revoje after you swap , just in case

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