Trying to cancel transaction – failed transaction error message

Trying to speed up a transaction that had too low of a gas fee but I get this message every time. I've been stuck unable to do anything with my wallet for a month now.

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  1. Do you only have one pending transaction? If you check the block explorer, is it also stuck there as well as in your MetaMask?

    • hit “cancel” button in MetaMask
    • on page with gas cost, hitting the “market” button that will load
    • choose “advanced” (this is very important)
    • manually adjust both the Max Fee per Gas and Max Priority Fee to be either 10% higher than the gwei of your original transaction OR match the gwei that is showing on the gas tracker for the network your transaction is stuck on. Choose whichever is the greater between these two options.

    If this does not help, please reach out to MetaMask support at team and click the blue Start a Conversation button to contact the support team. A bot will try to help you but you will get connected to support. MetaMask will never DM you support on Reddit. You can verify this link in the flair of this sub.

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