Today we are going to talk about how TRON DAO pumping TRX into USDD isn’t working and it’s falling further from the PEG. We also tackle how Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting rocked as financial hot potato gets played. The Terra LUNA UST fallout, BINANCE BNB PROBE, BABEL LOCK, THREE ARROWS STOPPAGE, BITBLOX LIMITS and Celsius melt down are costing the globe billions in both the crypto market and the stock markets. The lack of regulation in the crypto industry is leading to so painful situations. Let’s be clear here, what happens to Bitcoin BTC affects the entirety of the crypto market including XLM, XRP, ETH ETC 2022 will have so many big events for Stellar XLM and Ripple XRP.. With ETH and BTC dealing with gas fees, XLM and XRP don’t have the same concern. Luna crypto shiba inu coin terra luna crypto volt inu ~~~Article Links~~~ /> read:// read:// With DEFI and CBDC being big on the crypto radar this video will fill those needs. Yes, we go deep and organic and bring you the juicy bits related to STELLAR. #Stellar #crypto # xrp #eth #lumens #XLM #finance #trading #btc #XRP #DEFI #CBDC #ripple #scam #scamtoken #litemint #NFT #NFTART #nftart #stellarnft #xrpripple #ripplexrp #crypto #stellar #LumensXLM #altcoin Big thank you to the Reddit community for all the support! We give fun concise news to keep you updated and get you on to the rest of your day. We cover NFT Mana Stellar XLM Lumens bitcoin blockchain DRDGOLD Gold OIL LOOM DNT VMAR RIPPLE QUANT and more! This is not investment advice and is meant purely for entertainment purposes. Money Gram

10 thoughts on “TRON TRX BTC ETH USDD 💥MELT DOWN💥”

  1. How people invest in these scam projects without doing their due diligence is beyond me, hopefully it will shed light on the real utility coin.

  2. Honestly do not know what you’re talking about TRX, if anything its been not holding steady, it has rising in price, remember the USDD has nothing to do with TRX. It’s hilarious how y’all T&A think you know what’s going on. You obviously didn’t get the memo….”the charts do not count” the tron foundation is purposely buying back the TRX to get it off the exchanges to keep the price solid. The market of BTC is is down. TRX is fully decoupled from the BTC foundation. And what ever happens to the market it has zero to do with Tron-Foundation. Don’t believe me??? Look at the charts. What i mean by decoupled is this. When everything is going down the price of the asset either stays the same or it rises or it simply doesnt do anything. Watch what happens now. TRX will outperform the top 10 to become position 12.

  3. Omg this is stressful 😫 stuff. I'm kinda glad I don't have millions in this space. If I lost 30M due to volatility, I'd throw up and faint with a cold sweat.

  4. Right now this channel is making the most sense. Alot of people in crypto right now don't understand why the "biggest" by MC are dropping so bad. Whale in, whale out

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