Trezor Wallet Going Away?

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Trezor Wallet Going Away?

Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin Course: n Use the discount code YT99 to get the best price. In this video, I discuss the changes coming to Trezor’s web interface, and how to migrate to the new Trezor Suite, using either the web interface or the desktop version of the software. You can have the same private keys/recovery seed on different hardware wallets at the same time. Your Bitcoin is never stored on a hardware wallet. Rather, only the private keys are stored there. As you become more advanced, it becomes important to learn how to run your own full node, so that you don’t need to trust Trezor’s or any other company’s node for your interactions with the Bitcoin network. Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor. The Best Ways To Store Small and Medium Amounts of Bitcoin: /> How to Buy and Store Bitcoin (The Right Way): /> Trezor hardware wallet: / Trezor wallet being replaced by Trezor Suite: 3 Trezor advanced recovery process: # Where to download the Trezor desktop app: / Get my Bitcoin book: / I am not being paid or otherwise compensated by any company or cryptocurrency project that I mention in my videos. My opinion is not for sale. Please do not contact me with any affiliate or advertising deals. #Bitcoin #Trezor Disclaimer Neither Trader University, nor any of its directors, officers, shareholders, personnel, representatives, agents, or independent contractors (collectively, the “Operator Parties”) are licensed financial advisors, registered investment advisors, or registered broker-dealers. None of the Operator Parties are providing investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, and nothing in this video or at www.Trader.University (henceforth, “the Site”) should be construed as such by you. This video and the Site should be used as educational tools only and are not replacements for professional investment advice. There is a high risk in trading.

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  2. If you could go through the Bitcoin Whitepaper in a video that would be appreciated. Thanks for all your hard Krader.

  3. What is the best way to store large amounts of Bitcoin? How does Tesla hold the millions of Bitcoins it owns?

  4. Hi Matthew. Your video of yesterday 9th suggested that holding more than about $10k on one Trezor device isn't a good idea. Why? I thought that if the device were to fail or get irreparably damaged, then all we would need would be to buy another one and use the recovery seed to restore the crypto. Is the reason for this suggested $10k limit simply security i.e. not having "all the eggs in one basket" which would be more susceptible to a $10 wrench attack? You're the first to make this suggestion, that I've heard.

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  6. Can you do a video on casa multisig service? It would be helpful to compare best multisig setups.

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