Trezor wallet compromised

Hi i tested my wallet in bit controversial situation after tarot discord customer services directed me to here, (not sure if its a scam or not)
I only used 1 low value coin to test so I typed my seed phase, in case if the website tracks the phase (even though it claims as screenprints shows secure)…my question is, is it possible to generate a new seedphrase for the same device, or hardware wallet can be thrown away?
any clarification appreciated

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  2. The first rule of hardware wallets is “never type your seed phrase into any computer or mobile device.” There are exceptions, but if you don’t know them, they don’t apply to you.

    This seed phrase is irrevocably compromised. Transfer any coins still on it to an exchange, and reset the trezor. Store your keys on paper or metal offline, never having been on a computer, and never again type your seed phrase into anything but a trusted hardware wallet.

  3. Don’t throw away your Hardware Wallet, just do what the-quibbler suggested , move your crypto, and then create a new wallet with new Seed Words.

  4. Do this fast:
    -Do not reply do DMs
    -Transfer funds to exchange (don’t forget to make test transactions)
    -wipe trezor
    -create new wallet, keep the seed offline
    -make test transactions from exchange to the newly created wallet
    -transfer funds to newly created wallet
    -never share your seed online

  5. The other comments are already quite good, but I’d like to elaborate on the never type your seed on pc or mobile … that means (and never really really means never):

    • never type your seed in word, excel, notepad because your device might be compromised
    • do not take images of your seed with a camera
    • do not write your seed down while a camera might be watching you (laptop camera, mobile camera, human camera aka eyes)
    • do not speak out your seed aloud while writing it down or during recovery because a microphone might listen (laptop, mobile, human)
    • write your seed down when you are alone; Completely alone; write it down twice, store it in different places in case of disasters like fire, flood, aliens
    • do not store your seed on a device which can connect to the internet; not even encrypted; don’t.

    Edit: obviously, never ever type your seed into a website

  6. >  (even though it claims as screenprints shows secure)

    so here’s a lesson in computers for you (tell all your friends because this is a nasty catch):

    The “connection is secure” means nobody is listening in. For example, your ISP, hackers, or the cops.

    You still could be securely talking to a scammer without anyone listening in. (which is indeed what’s happening here)

    > only used 1 low value coin to test so I typed my seed phase, 

    repeat after me: “your seed is your coins”.


    all of them at once, except those in a hidden wallet.

    the screencap says “verify your wallet”

    that’s like a guy stopping you in the street and saying “I’m from the bank, give me your credit card and PIN code so I can check that you’re our customer, at the ATM over there.

    if he were really from the bank, he has better ways of “verifying” you … and, I mean, it could happen that he doesn’t take anything and gives you the card back, but honestly, what are the odds

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