Trezor suite official version

Hi, I got a prompt to upgrade my trezor suite version to 23.8.1 (currently running on 23.7.2) but I can see in the official download page it still shows the 23.7.2 as the latest one? Any ideas? Is 23.8.1 safe? Thanks

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    Its fine. They just haven’t updated their website yet for some reason.

  2. You could look into their github. Their github does reflect that 23.8.1 is legit.

  3. Honestly, I’m tired of the many updates. As if they’ve had to prove that they’re constantly working on something. You could also say that the current version will be lacking something. Just wait for next month’s version. Also, everything has to be updated simultaneously (if you have a website) or don’t have a website at all.

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