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A warning and a question about Trezor

A few weeks ago I was in a hurry and entered “Trezor” into Google to look for a the Trezor app. (Lesson number 1: Always go to directly). The computer I was on was mine, but didn't previously have the Trezor app on this specific machine. In my haste, I clicked on the first sponsored link and downloaded what I thought was the legit Trezor app (Lesson number 2: Be very cautious of any Google links… I later learned I had clicked on a phishing website that had a dot club suffix but looked exactly like the legit site. They must've paid Alphabet/Google a lot for the keyword.) Subsequently, I stupidly entered my 24-word seed into the site (don't stone me, I'm aware it was a very foolish move on my part; it was late and I was in a hurry/clearly was not thinking… I'm not even sure why I did what I did… maybe thinking seed was needed to activate the app…. Lesson 3: Never, ever, ever enter your seed anywhere) and subsequently a few hours later lost all the BTC from my Trezor cold wallet. I only realized this several days later when I logged into my cold wallet and noticed the transaction. I have since restored my computer to factory settings.

My question: should I consider this Trezor One compromised and throw it away? Or, can I reset it and create new wallets with new seed and still be safe? Is there any way there may be malware/illegit software on it that would compromise its future use?

Thanks so much!

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  2. Hey, thanks for sharing, and sorry for your loss. Scammers used the stolen funds to buy AdWords, so it’s a vicious cycle.

    If the phishing site is still online, you can report it to Google.

    Now to your question: Your seed is compromised, not your physical Trezor. Reset it, and it generates you a fresh seed.

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