Trezor + Exodus – unsupported coins

Hi, I want to buy a hardware wallet so I'm doing some reading but I'm really confused by the issue of support for some coins. They say that coins unsupported by Treyor Suite may be added by connecting Trezor to a third party wallet. But in case of Exodus, the list of supported coins (Bitcoin & Crypto Status | Exodus Cryptocurrency Coin Status & Assets) indicates that for example SOL, ALGO, DOT etc. don't work in combination with Trezor. So for some coins it's completely impossible to use them with Trezor, not even through third party wallets?

Trezor + Exodus - unsupported coins

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  2. your text is a bit confusing, yes trezor lacks support for some new coins like kda, hnt and flux, yeah according to their website Sol isnt supported for now.

    Maybe in the future.

    Use a mobile wallet like trust wallet for now.

  3. Trezor suite does not show many tokens or chains. But since it supports ethereum and erc20 it will support any other evm chain/token, but sou will have to use another client such as metamask

  4. Trezor + exodus

    Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens supported by Exodus
    Bitcoin Gold

  5. Hi, the coins still have to be supported in Trezor‘s firmware, that’s what matters. You have to check this list to find out which coins are supported.

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