Traditional Healthcare is Going Down

I am not a newbie in crypto, but somehow never paid much attention to healthcare going to the Blockchain. Honestly, it was quite surprising for me to see how far things have gone in this direction.
Dapps are rewarding you with tokens for walking, running, cycling, and other sporty activities. HealthBlocks is aiming even higher, and also rewards you for sleep, mental health, diet, etc. When someone joked and posted what's next sleep to earn? I honestly didn't expect it to be a thing. Incredible!
Just like that, no more issues with data protection, sharing, and health management.
Interesting times are coming! Love the Blockchain!

Traditional Healthcare is Going Down

3 thoughts on “Traditional Healthcare is Going Down”

  1. Reeks of spam advertising.

    But anyway who would buy these tokens that are given away for sleeping and such? Why are they worth anything?

  2. Not to adv anything, won’t name the app. But I’ve been using it for like 3 weeks now. totally fun it’s like that first time you buy a smart watch and keep checking it like crazy to see how how many steps you’ve made. But checking tokens instead. What’s cool I discovered for myself is daily tasks to complete to mine makes me feel terribly proud of myself at the end of the day.

  3. this was one of my ideas about a year and a half ago…i saw it was cheaper to get people to excercise by gamification and rewarding them in terms of long term healthcare cost’s, if you pay people to be healthy, even if it’s small, your going to reduce the stress on the healthcare system for one but two also make it collectively cheaper

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