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Do you want to know the top 3 best micro cap gaming coins to offer the biggest opportunity right now? In this video you will see my top #3 favourites based on their micro (less than 10 million) market cap. 🚀 Join my FREE Discord Community: d 👉 Join the Telegram Announcements Group here: 8 Micro caps are high risk high potential reward. One of my favourite things these days in the micro cap space are gaming coins, especially the ones with clear milestone pipeline where you can easily flip the tokens in a matter of days. 00:00 Intro 01:20 Coin 1 11:40 Coin 2 18:44 Bonus Coin 26:25 Coin 3 Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain in which players can earn by nurturing Ninneko, building lineups to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaign. Players will be immersed in a mysterious village in the deep forests and chilled out spending hours raising Ninneko, which is known as ninbyō (忍猫), are adorable Ninja Cat. Ninneko designed a token economy model using blockchain technology to complement the game-play. The main distinction between Ninneko and other average NFT games is that our fellow players reserve the ownership rights of in-game assets and are able to vote for changes in game. As a result, our users are able to enjoy the game and our investors can benefit. Magic Craft – war and conquer MMO Play-To-Earn RPG, launched on Binance Smart Chain, with advanced guild, taxes and economy systems. You team up with other players and build clans to fight with other clans on the platform. Higher staking rewards for powerful castles, weapons, armor and castles. You hold the value of your character in $MCRT. In the Magic Craft metaverse there are powerful Castles built by the Elders. Every week your clan goes to war for the ownership of one of the 7 castles, where the King of the castle gets taxation in our native cryptocurrency $MCRT. Each character has different collectible NFT traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothes, attacks, and poses. You can trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace for $MCRT. On the platform there are higher staking rewards for powerful castles, weapons, armor and castles. You hold the value of your character in $MCRT Defina Finance is an online blockchain game that utilizes and combines decentralized finance (Defi) and NFT to allow players to own their gaming assets and monetize them through playing and training. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. We adopted a play-to-earn system that allows players to get rewarded through playing and trading their assets. Defina also has its own token, the $FINA Token, a BSC-based utility and governance token used throughout the Defina ecosystem and much more. Our game and our tokens will be the gateway for most traditional players to experience decentralized finance and getting to know more about decentralized autonomous organizations as we will implement staking rewards and governance system later on. DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that I am not a professional advisor in business areas involving finance, cryptocurrency, taxation, securities and commodities trading, or the practice of law. The information and content written, broadcasted, and/or disseminated by and through “Colin Dijs, Colin Digits, ItsDigits” is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Nothing written or discussed is intended to be construed, or relied upon, as investment, financial, legal, regulatory, accounting, tax or similar advice, nor should it be. All content expressed, created, and conveyed by “Colin Dijs, Colin Digits, ItsDigits” is premised upon subjective opinions pertaining to currently-existing facts readily available.


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  2. Hey mate! I've been following you for a while now and I really appreciate your job since I was looking for someone capable to explain me how to analize games, projects and stuff without just fomoing in whatever ppl say.

    With that being said I was wondering if you'd like to make a video primarly focused on explaining what to do and look for when it comes to snipe the next gem of the market: which websites to look, where to get the right news, etc.

    I'm a newbie in cryptos but I'd like to gain more coinfidence being able to pick my choices without waiting for guru's or good guys like you to tell me what to do.

    Keep it up man, you're doing an outstanding job! Wish you the best from this 2022!

    P.s: atm I use twitter as my main source of data and news but I knw I'm missing the whole world out there

  3. The market cap on Coinmarketcap seems incorrect. It assumes 2.45 million tokens in supply which is off. At Ninneko's websites it says that the initial supply already was 15,000,000. I think Coingecko is more on point which indicates a marketcap of 2M+ USD

  4. Ninneko is gonna make a huge hit. Now I suspect you are a real gem hunter! I also believe that VID, which is not mentioned here, will surprisingly go up. Because, besides NFT games, NFT projects have started to become popular and Vivid Labs is the best of these projects right now.

  5. Thanks for the video. Do you play auto battlers? I personally cannot stand them lol. They are too boring. You picked two auto battlers and cloud gaming platform.

  6. Trully,you are doing it good,gentle,honest,really somebody to keep in mind and follow,i subscribed and liked,and will like if you keep doing your best.

  7. If Playkey is trying to emulate Google's Stadia, then i'm out. It will fail for sure.

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