tomiNet/$TOMI an alternative decentralized internet.

Found this project on twitter, / $TOMI, and was pretty impressed with their idea of creating a parallel, alternative internet. What do you guys think, I see potential in the token, public sale apparently starts tomorrow, should I go in?

A bit about why they sparked my interest:

– theyre building the infrastructure needed to create a fully decentralized internet with a global cloud computing network to support it.

– The internet in itself is all gonna be fully owned and governed by the public through a direct democracy DAO and their native token $TOMI.

I read through the whitepaper and socials, looks like they're pretty close to releasing their browser.

1 thought on “tomiNet/$TOMI an alternative decentralized internet.”

  1. I like the concept of the project, it has ingenious utilities and I am working towards investing in tokens that are backed up with utilities, I recently came across $VGX and I’ve been very bullish on it, with the utilities embedded that are very beneficial to holders like the staking rewards, interests generation and cashbacks on trades, it’s an awesome buy opportunity IMO. Did I also mention that Binance bought the project’s portfolio with 1 billion? pretty awesome if you ask me, gives a glimpse of how prospective the token is.

    I’m already working towards stacking up $VGX on MEXC before the price increases even more, got to leverage on the low price affordability.

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