Today, Mainnet Launch TXA

Ahoy TXA Stroller, Sick of the limitations of current crypto exchanges? Constricted by high fees or stymied by poor functionality? Well, crypto enjoyers, let's break those chains! ⛓️

Bringing together the robust security of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and the user-friendly accessibility of a Centralized Exchange (CEX), @Project_TXA and Tacen have teamed up to launch TacenSwap. A hub where swift cross-chain transactions, low fees, and true self-custody all exist on one platform.

And it doesn't stop there.

With new burn rates linked to $TXA price, they've got a plan that’s impossible to ignore since their MAX supply is already under 50 million:

$0.30 ➡️ 20,000 TXA🔥… $0.40 ➡️ 100,000 TXA🔥… $0.50 ➡️ 200,000 TXA🔥… $1.00 ➡️ 1,000,000 TXA 🔥 … $2.00 ➡️ 2,000,000 TXA🔥

Don’t sleep on this one – burn promise ends October 1st!

M A I N N E T LAUNCH August 31st! 📈