TIL 50 Cent made 700 Bitcoins by selling copies of his album in 2014 and only remembered it years later, after it had done a 20x.

50 Cent sold copies of his album “Animal Ambition” for a fraction of Bitcoin, and ended up making 700 Bitcoins as a result in June, 2014. Customers could get a copy for only a fraction of a single Bitcoin.

He made a post on instagram, saying that he had “Forgotten” that he had made sales accepting Bitcoin.

A single Bitcoin was worth around $662 at the time. 700 Bitcoins got him $460,000 in sales.

With the prices of today, it's around $20M.

Most of the stories of people making a lot money from Bitcoin has always been the ones where they forget and find out years later.

It's the case that people who keep looking at the prices will be tempted to sell sooner or later so the possibility of making such money is very hard that way.


50 thoughts on “TIL 50 Cent made 700 Bitcoins by selling copies of his album in 2014 and only remembered it years later, after it had done a 20x.”

  1. Silk road merchants that got sentenced for 10 years back in 2011, got out with a nice bonus.

  2. I swear I read somewhere he made like 8mil selling and it helped him out of a rough patch at the time.

  3. If he has forgotten about accepting Bitcoin, he has probably also forgotten about the seed.

    Thanks for the burn Mr. 50.

  4. Great article but is it bugging anyone else using the pluralised form of Bitcoin? It’s like saying I went to bed counting lots of sheeps

  5. ”I don’t know what you heard about me, but you can’t get a Bitcoin out of me…”

  6. I adviced my parents years ago to receive crypto payments for their products
    this is real world…they didn’t want to

  7. How rich do you have to be that you can forget about having 700 Bitcoin sitting somewhere? It wasn’t worth as much back then, but still…

  8. Hey shawty it’s my Bitcoin, we’re gonna drink Bacardi and party with my Bitcoin!

  9. Didnt he later deny this and people said that he is pretending it never happened due to tax reasons?

  10. In 2012 I tried to convince my band to accept bitcoin for cd sales. Two record deals and European tours later they ended up regretting it. I tried.

  11. Not surprising, 50 cent is bad with money, There is a reason he went bankrupt. This is just a lucky break for him.

  12. 50 told me go head and switch the style up and if they hate then let them hate and watch the bitcoin pile up.

  13. ​

    this is valid for all crypto, its a giant fucking casino, the only one who makes money consistently are the casino owners, everyone else is just gambling

  14. I had some BTC back in 2014 also, I checked my wallet and found $0.14 in one of them

  15. As I said before, if you dig in you’ll find fascinating stores around crypto thru the years!

  16. Seems more like 40x than 20x. But hey, we’re gambling in crypto so math doesn’t matter much.

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