This You HAVE To SEE!! Federal Reserve Bitcoin Report!

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This You HAVE To SEE!! Federal Reserve Bitcoin Report!

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10 thoughts on “This You HAVE To SEE!! Federal Reserve Bitcoin Report!”

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  2. Most investors see it as an asset that makes you rich. Those that understand BTC know that it's more like a parachute in a world in which fiat is doomed to fail as it has done in the past.

  3. Illustrates the propaganda machine at work. Releasing news while studying market reaction. Pathetic.

  4. Nothing makes sense other than supply and demand. Supply is abundance prices fall. Supply is scarcity prices rise. This is all I understand.

  5. Entire world governments all using BTC for oil and such, since 2020. Only country holding or using Federal Reserve Notes is The USA.

  6. I spoke about this in comments on YouTube 2 years ago didn't understand why it wasn't already decoupling back then

  7. Let alone the US Treasury took over the FED couple years back, not even a central bank anymore, NOT owned or operated by the Rothchilds anymore, actually those criminals under indictment πŸ˜πŸ€™

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