This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

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This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

When this happens crypto is going to go way lower then people think. You need to understand this.

10 thoughts on “This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)”

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    For context : I sold a LONG time ago. This is why I'm not buying still despite crypto looking bottomed. If your still holding a ton of crypto long term, I'm not saying dump everything. We probably dont have THAT much further to justify panic selling. But we have time to buy here and LIKELY much lower. I will be buying soon when we get out of this weird situation.

  2. Fed Jack's up rates to cause a recession.
    If they pivot, that means they accomplished their goal.

  3. I agree ….people are pretty inpatient and see every dip as a bottom ..shit isn't over yet😔

  4. When everything else crashes, that’s when the money will flow into crypto. Crypto will be a hedge against the coming recession. Mark my words.

  5. Stole this chart and analysis from Crypto Banters bearish guest from the other day!!

  6. When Amazon goes bankrupt and hunter biden is head of the securities and exchange commission then I buy alot more. I do nub le a bit here or there cause I'm an idiot but not much can be done about that. Unfortunately the advice to drink more often was given at my wedding and as a result I had to stop drinking. Then I started using.. well, that didn't work either. Maybe just focusing on work and family… maybe yoga and meditation… i haven't really put much effort into those yet… I started that and taking mushrooms regularly. That so far seems to be working out.

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