This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

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This Will Kill BITCOIN In 2022. (Dec 22nd)

When this happens crypto is going to go way lower then people think. You need to understand this.

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    For context : I sold a LONG time ago. This is why I'm not buying still despite crypto looking bottomed. If your still holding a ton of crypto long term, I'm not saying dump everything. We probably dont have THAT much further to justify panic selling. But we have time to buy here and LIKELY much lower. I will be buying soon when we get out of this weird situation.

  2. Markets will rally until the pause then crash. The last leg will be the end of this cycle. Learn history dude, you are likely to miss the best part of the cycle and then a big bust after q2 at the latst. Don't believe me? Nifty 50 is on a tear, US markets are laggin by about 4 months. BTC will top before then and then tank.

  3. No, "everything" does NOT indicate that we are at the bottom in crypto. When there are FUNDAMENTAL factors at work, such as cypto companies going BANKRUPT one after another, then there is NO WAY to tell WHERE the bottom is UNTIL the fundamentals CHANGE. We are NOWHERE near that at this point.

  4. Millions have tried to pick the bottom and MILLIONS have got STINKY fingers!!! Just do your due diligence.

  5. lol u stole that info from another youtuberr lol i saw this 3 days ago in someone esle channel lolol

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