This project is promising. Big CEX listings and HUGE Marketing push this week!

In the meme coin space, a project has to tick multiple boxes in order to have a chance of succeeding in the long term.

We're not talking about 5,000% overnight gains that translate to a 99.99% loss the next day. We're talking about projects that grow the best way— the slow and organic way.

Multiple factors determine the quality of a meme coin: Name (+ticker), Theme of the coin, Content, Leading team (developer + team), and the most vital component— community. And $HEGE has it all!

Name— I mean, how can you not love the name “Hege”? Short, simple, and insanely catchy. You'll remember it, whether willingly or not!

Theme of the coin— Determines how easy it is to market the coin and make memes for it; and low-hanging Hege the hedgehog is one heck of a theme! Slap Hege on anything, and you basically have a funny, attention-grabbing meme. The ideas are limitless.

Content— I strongly believe that Hege has reached a level where its content is better than its most similar project content-wise – Ponke's. Animations (especially Chapter 4) and memes are only getting better and more professional. Maybe we will make an animated movie at a certain Market cap!

Leading team— May the results and their work speak for themselves; They know how to manage. Constant giveaways, constant competitions where the most active and creative members have a chance to EARN while working for their bags, constant new animations and memes. We're even having a $1,000 Riddle Giveaway (for additional information head over to our official X account) that is ending today, so take a chance with your detective skills, it would be worth it! Alongside mentioned, team is dedicated and working on technical stuff as well – CEX Listings, partnerships and similair. So far they've done a great job (4 CEX Listings, PAAL partnership, and more).

Community— I'm not overexaggerating when I say that the Hege community is the healthiest community out there. It feels nice being a part of something that doesn't hate or bring down others, but is focused ONLY on positive energy and building itself up. We're united and hardworking, which is why you've seen us a million times, and why you'll KEEP SEEING US.

Community proved the legitimacy of the project by raising a $120,000 in a record time! The money raised will be used for a BIG CEX listing (last time we were pleasantly surprised and got listed on not 3 but 4 CEXs!). In addition to the mentioned $120,000, we have a marketing wallet with $90,000 in it.

We're having a $HEGE MANIA week where we'll be deploying a full-out marketing push (we got funds for some serious exposure!) that will follow a BIG CEX listing (or listings!). And the fun thing is, Hege Mania starts TODAY!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There's no project like Hege.

We've got everything it takes for a billion-dollar Market cap, and all we need is a bit of luck. With our hard work, we're placing ourselves in a position where luck will easily find us!

An insanely fun week, or rather a conquest, full of action and events, lies ahead for every $HEGE holder.

Why watch from the sidelines? Join us on our journey to the number one spot.

You'll surely be rewarded for it!

Technical info;

Market cap : 19.3M

Holders : 7,194

ATH : 30.8M




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15 thoughts on “This project is promising. Big CEX listings and HUGE Marketing push this week!”

  1. We built momentum before even the news for the CEX listings , stabilised at 20M , marketing push starting today, where will that get us? I estimate well above 50MC end of week, 150 next week? Solana going up helps as well. If it keeps like this we might see 350 end of summer!

  2. $Hege – Keeps on Increasing in numbers🔥🔥🔥 People like Hege, movement and the vibez, its obvious🌟 Priceburst is imminent💥🚀 Looking forward to what team will announce😆

  3. Hege is the best and most promising project on Solana 2024. Dedicated team following a real roadmap, strong community that dominated Reddit and twitter EVERYDAY, and a lot of money to spend on publicity.

    We have a strong consolidated base of holders, and we’ll launch it to billions. On our way up, we’ll also bring Solana itself with us.

  4. Team is wild man. Always overdeliver and they’re about to do it AGAIN. Join our TG to get the scoop–you will see we’re not exaggerating. look at that roadmap!

  5. What a great entry level we are at 🥰 the next CEX Launch is imminent and this be will be a big one! $HEGE will easily hit 50mio mc this summer 🫶🤙

  6. >Maybe we will make an animated movie at a certain Market cap!


    you cant pay enough fiverr Indian astroturfers to make this not a cringefest.

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