this prices suck …

uggh it’s so frustrating to see harmony get beat down like this

this prices suck …

8 thoughts on “this prices suck …”

  1. watch the ONEWeekly from today instead of prices. You cant change the inflation that came out way too high today…



  2. Its down by about the same as a lot of other good projects.

    The fundamentals haven’t changed as far as I know.

  3. If you think this is bad… give it a couple more months lmao. Just calm down and enjoy the ride bruddah, this too shall pass!

  4. I sold heaps of my one earlier this year for a great price.

    I’m waiting for the next leg down in the markets to start buying again. We haven’t seen the worst of the ONE price yet

  5. Lol reminds me of summer 2021 when we also hit 0,04ish then a couple months later people wished they could entry that pricepoint seems like we’re there now again.

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