The two types of people on this sub right now

Personally I loved that flash crash and bought a chunk at $26K

24 thoughts on “The two types of people on this sub right now”

  1. Anyone not buying at these prices today will be kicking themselves a year from now. People 4 years from now will be wishing they had a Time Machine.

  2. Three types. The third complaining when it goes up, down, or boringly stays the same, but hasn’t actually made a trade and just likes to talk.

  3. you remind me of old me. now i sell before it goes down.

    I may rebuy some day. well see.

  4. If you want to get wealthy owning Bitcoin in the long term you have to be the bottom picture person all the time

  5. I’d rather see it go up,… But I really do not care that much, as I am still in my accumulating phase.

  6. If you aren’t the guy on the bottom you shouldn’t invest.

    Tbh, it might actually be the strongest indicator on wether or not you need to learn more about your investment.

  7. I’m just happy something finally happened. The crab market makes me want to do stupid things like loading up on 10x leverage. Luckily I didn’t.

  8. If you are worried about the price of BTC

    1. Don’t understand Bitcoin and need to do some more learning


    1. You are overexposed in your BTC investment

    Number goes up. Just not how and when you want it to go up.


  9. Third option: don’t have enough fiat to buy the dip, but would really like to!

  10. Fourth type : bots waiting on the sidelines to steer sentiment whatever way Blackrock wants.

  11. I was going to buy yesterday when I saw it was going down, but I normally buy on Fridays and I was like you know what I’m just going to hold off. And it was worth it. I for one was very excited to get weekly sats on sale

  12. Also the “Im getting more money for my Bitcoin purchases (weekly buy) but nope I’m not losing it all” people

  13. Then there’s me who doesn’t get paid till next week, is skint, and is sure there will be a huge rebound just before Friday.

  14. Anyone else who started in 2020 not even care for price anymore? You can tell who the newbs are

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