The Twitter user that woke up after a coma of 5 months and found out he lost more than $100K on FTX – an update

On 29 December 2022, Little Shapes NFT, a Twitter user with a love for NFT projects, posted for the first time after many months of inactivity since 24 June 2022.

Little Shapes claimed that he had been in a coma for 5 months and that he woke up 3 weeks prior to posting. Little Shapes also said that he lost a lot of crypto during his coma, thanks to the fall of FTX, and that he was planning to tell his wife the bad news soon. The amount lost was well above $100K.

This story was first posted here in the subreddit, but also covered by various media outlets.

So what has happened since then?

(1) Replying to criticism

People were rather skeptical of his story. We even had some experts in the comment section that (rightfully) doubted the story, because it seemed too crazy to be true.

Little shapes replied to the criticism and posted what he claims is proof that his coma was real. He said on 29 December and said that he woke up 3 weeks ago and still cannot walk. This lines up with the comment by the Reddit user above – it takes weeks to focus and a long time to recover. He also said that his case was similar to another coma case.

Little Shapes even posted medical bills.

Some users here stated that Little Shapes would ask for money next. But Little Shapes quickly said that he does not want any money.

(2) Telling his wife about the FTX funds

On New year’s eve, Little Shapes told his wife about all the money they had lost in FTX.

It didn’t go so well.

Actually, two days ago, Little Shapes wrote an update, claiming that there was some bad news involving his wife and some NFT “friends”.

And the dominant idea is that his wife cheated on him with other people from the industry, a message he retweeted, likely confirming this idea.

(3) A quest for vengeance

In the eyes of Little Shapes, he has lost it all – his health, his money, and his wife. So now he promised to expose how bad the NFT scene truly is. In his words, he is “going nuclear”.

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33 thoughts on “The Twitter user that woke up after a coma of 5 months and found out he lost more than $100K on FTX – an update”

  1. What a story. With so many people out there in the world it was bound to happen to some people. Whether it’s that “off the grid vacation” for months, or the more realistic scenario of “I just woke up from a coma” and wtf is this Covid mess about. Except this time it’s about FTX.
    But tweet storming the whole thing is cringe and makes it more suspect for some reason.

    It just feels in genuine. I’m not convinced.

    Edit: those medical bills hit close to home

  2. That’s so strange as I was thinking just yesterday I wonder what happened with him. Thanks for the update, what a crazy story.

  3. There are people who are really wrong in the head. The truth is that things like that piss me off.

    I hope all those pieces of shit that have screwed over others pay for it. Karma, it’s time to get to work.

  4. Reminds me of the comedy comments every now and then about how to diamond hands with this easy trick (coma)

  5. This is his villain origin story. Takes time to come up with an outfit. He can use a red hood as a temporary placeholder

  6. I can’t believe it was that cheap for 6 months tbh. Some surgeries cost more for a day than this dude stayed in the hospital for.

    That is truly awful for this guy and my heart goes out to him.

  7. Horrible story if true, the fact his wife left too. More to the point, self custody and this doesn’t happen

  8. So he’s just gonna expose how the NFT is full of manipulation?

    Like we didn’t know that already.

  9. I wonder what he means by “going nuclear”? This could get very interesting..

  10. With this thing all over the internet, I have a hard time in believing that his wife doesn’t know it yet.

    Either this or she doesn’t exist and is a reminiscent of his coma days: he never had a wife.

  11. Taken from his twitter too:

    “i’m also about to destroy the nft world by releasing some corrupt insider convos soon cuz i have nothing o lose now”

  12. How are people believing this? Have we really become this gullible as a community?

  13. Not gonna lie, the NFT technology as it is seems very promising, the “NFT Industry” as it is today it’s just a scam pit.

  14. This still sounds like an elaborate make belief story just to get attention, honestly just sounds like a bad movie script

  15. Wait until he finds out that he is actually still in a coma and crypto/NFT/wife/friend loss is just a dream.

  16. What could he possibly reveal about NFTs? They’re just worthless jpegs!? Who knew!? :0

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