The TRUTH About This Rally – Polygon Matic

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The TRUTH About This Rally – Polygon Matic

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10 thoughts on “The TRUTH About This Rally – Polygon Matic”

  1. He is always wrong. Last week according to him matic would came down to 18-25 cents. That's why he doesn't have enough subscribers on his YouTube channel.

  2. You missed the announced Coinbase support for Matic, that’s what pumped the price 😉

  3. Pumping pumping pumping . Truly think a big portion of all the alts’ pump is related to the fact that btc isn’t volatile enough . Hence less fiat being made by the whales

  4. Great job brother… Thank you 🙏
    If you have time please make some short video for FTM there is too much things happening last few weeks for FTM

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