The truth about hardwallets hurts, possible solution

Ive made a few posts in the past about this in other crypto subs and it was not well received to say the least

I started with the statement that i use a hardwallet and think everyone should

But it is not a silverbullet, and you have many weak spots before you even get to the hardware wallet, the point of my previous posts was to have a conversation about how to protect our crypto at the weak spots before its even sent to the hardwallet

instead everyone choose to argue the unbreakable benefits of the “air gapped encrypted chip” and not even talk about network or device security, i no longer take part in those subs since there was no real human life to be found just clones ๐Ÿ˜‰

With that said, now people are aware that the ledger wallet and any other wallet receiving firmware updates could be tricked into transmitting the secret keys, so now we can talk about the need for increased security safer browsing and device isolation

Also i have found a possible solution to our problem

I am not shilling this device, i do not own one yet and im not affiliated with them, i found it on youtube video on a popular rasb pie channel and i fell in love with it, untill now i had no reason to abandon my ledger

Secure Edge Node – D35

This device has the most insane security features out of my dreams

The device is unhackable when used correctly, its firmware cannot be updated at all even physically, all data is destroyed at the hardware level if tampering is detected and it has so many sensors to detect its nuts

It uses better wallet encryption and uses Shamir's Secret sharing, its fully open source and built on opensource hardware, it is pretty techy and im sure will require some learning and tinkering so for that reason its not for everyone

If anyone is interested in increasing the level of security, i wrote a few posts you can find on my profile or feel free to ask anything i will be glad to help, once i get one of these devices i will post more info

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  1. Offline-signing is the solution to the centralized attack vector inherent in all hardware wallets.

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