The Total Value of assets Locked (TVL) in Solana has decreased from $10B all the way down to $250M now. Truly a fall from grace.

I do not intend to sprinkle more fear into Solana right now, especially as I am also a holder of it, but the rise and fall of Solana is truly one for the history books. Back in 2021 SOL was seen as the next big thing and was even realistically seen as an “ETH killer“. SOL even had a parabolic rise right in the middle of BTC collapsing due to China FUD in May 2021.

But once the bear market came, just like everyone else Solane also had to collapse and that from a price of $250 to now just $18, truly a massive price crash, but this is not the only thing that went down:

Solane TVL chart from DefiLlama

TVL, Total Value Locked, shows the total value of all the assets that are on a network. It is often used as a metric to gauge the legitimacy of a Crypto. Here we can see an even worse collapse, from over $10B to now just $250M and we obviously can not forget the upcoming FTX liquidations that will likely happen over the years.

So yeah, I don't want to provoke people to sell all their SOL, but as much as we joke about it, in Crypto anything is possible we have already seen the craziest comebacks with BTC itself. So stay resilient and make sure to keep an eye out for latest news.

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  1. The fact that their network went down so many times in such a short time gave them a bad reputation

  2. The headline makes it seem like all the brands are fleeing, but in reality the truth is a lot simpler.

    $10B -> 250M is a 97.5% decrease

    Solana’s price is almost 95% down from ATHs

    So most of the drop can simply be explained by Solana’s fall in price. The $100 worth in $SOL is now worth $5 as compared to ATH levels.

    Edit: Apparently the charts show that it is 300m not 250m, so the 10B -> 300M drop mirrors the fall in Sol’s price from ATH almost perfectly

  3. My stop loss saved me in SOLANA. I don’t remember people using SOL network as much as they do on Polygon.

  4. SOL hype is the only thing keeping it alive because it shutting down every week, lack of adoption, SEC calling it security has impacted ut really hard.

  5. Given the crash of the last 12 months, lots of Tokens are available at low prices, and use cases are improving, so Solana will be competing for mind space and cash

  6. FTX is going to liquidate 50.5 million SOL.

    This will likely be a series of OTC deals since the tokens have linear unlocks until 2028 (2 contracts). Less than 10 million are able to be sold now.

  7. Its trendy to hate on Solana, so I’ll give you guys some perspective. Even after solanas TVL crashed from 10b to 300m, it still has double the TVL of cardano. Why does no one mention that fact?

  8. That is because liquidity is moving from alts into BTC. BTC dominance continues to rise

  9. Bear markets just feel like a blackhole sometimes, this is one of a lot of examples out there, i wouldn’t take this as “solana is done for”, there is a lot to look forward to, i would not ignore Solana, if it survives this bear market it will be huge in the next one.

  10. Major F but realistically there is no need for many blockchains to divide Dapps, developers and funds between them when Ethereum does everything they do and more.

  11. It is all due to bear market, people run away during bear and come in drove during bull which will come charging for sure! Then Sol will touch new ATH of $666

  12. Pick any blockchain. Algo, eth, solana, cardano….who uses anything built on this shit

  13. I hold a bag, I’ll keep adding more and more – this is going to be huge. I easily see SOL hitting €500 early next year

  14. It’d be $0 if the chain wasn’t down and people could withdraw their remaining $250M

  15. This post is poorly made with inaccurate information. Your own chart contradicts your statement and you are not taking into account the price of $SOL.

  16. I’m seriously considering adding some SOL to my portfolio during this bear market.

    What are the thoughts on SOL around here? I wonder what people have to say about the downtimes it had over the past couple of years.

  17. Every alt coin looks like this, and btc and eth aren’t far off. This post doesn’t exactly spread light on something we all already don’t know.

  18. This isn’t a Solana specific issue. I could copy paste this for just about every coin

  19. This post will be a prime example of inverse r/CryptoCurrency.

    Mark my words and check this comment in 2 years.

  20. Talk about misleading. Tvl is based in sol locked up so it’s tied to the asset price. A better representation would be if it was represented in sol not usd. Which paints a better picture and is now rising.

    But it’s also worth noting it has the mcap/tvl of 13.81 which is considered low

  21. TVL is meaningless. SOL is still one of the most used chains specially for NFTs. And if you think NFTs are dead pfffff that’s what’s making me money in the bear.

  22. And yet the network and adoption is better than it ever was. Don’t let the price fool you.

    Visa adopted SOL for USDC settlements. Shopify uses SOL. Rndr network switched to Sol. Helium switched to Sol. This is the actual news not OP posting that TVL and SOL is down in a bear market.

    The network stability and speeds have both improved. Bear markets have taken most alts down 90%+, but SOL is likely to outperform most cryptos in the next bull run.. especially those in the top 10.

    Even the FTX SOL is locked up in a vesting schedule through 2028.

  23. I’m still kicking myself for not selling my sol when it was up like 700%. I’m a flaming 🔥 idiot and I deserve to be put in crypto jail or something

  24. It’ll be hard for it to fully recover considering how new project are coming out everyday. People will rather invest in something new.

  25. Solana is on a slippery path, they need to make some big partnerships and support devs to use their network if they want to survive.

  26. The decline of SOL TVL inversely correlates with the rise of ETH L2 TVL.

    The conclusion is pretty obvious.

    Devs are preferring ETH L2 to SOL.

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