The Rise of “Smart Money” in Recent Months.

It appears that during the bear market phase of the crypto industry, many activities experienced a decline, and people started looking for something, that would be here regardless of direction where market is going.

On-chain analysis quickly started rising in popularity, the idea of finding smart money, insider wallets and tracking them, basically buying same tokens as they do, opening short/long positions when they do and etc.

A lot of stories started popping up of people getting 30-100x gains due to following right wallets – (example thread)

I've got in pretty quickly and realized how awesome would it be to be able to track smart money wallets / buy right after them off a Telegram app.

I was looking for alternatives, but found nothing, that I'd personally like. So I contacted my programmer and in 2 months of work we've developed a wallet tracker Telegram bot, that can track a wallet in 4 networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avax and Arbitrum)

As off now the tool is in absolutely free with no limit in tracking wallets. Just paste a wallet you want to track and get alerts of his trades.


Bot is free, the only requirement is to follow announcements channel (where we regularly give out Whales / Smart money wallets)

Any feedback and suggestions during this beta phase will be very valuable in refining the bot and enhancing its features.
Answering any questions in comments.

Guide link:

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