The next Bitcoing halving is in 367 days and other endlessly repeated topics on this sub.

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In case you missed the other 10 posts in the last 30 days about the topic. Did you know the BTC Halving is in roughly a year? Wait there's more, did you know BTC halving usually correlate with price spikes. Check out this cool. Graph. But be careful because past performance does not guarantee future results. (Just ask GEN 3 avatar bag holders)

But that's not all! The little bro of BTC, Litecoin has a halving in less than 100 days! But I wouldn't blame you if you missed this one, it's only been mentioned 3 times in posts titles in the last twenty days.

Did you know that Michael Saylor has 140K BTC through Microstrategy? That one is only the subject of six posts in 21 days. Did you also know he was once really bearish on BTC? Yah I know that you knew.

But just wait there's more! Did you know you shouldn't accept random chat requests from girls guys trying to scam you? No they don't want to be your friend.


Where are you going? We're not done yet….

Did you know BTC has really low fees to send money? Like sometimes you send Millions and just pay a fee of like $2. So Cheap and efficient, much money saving compared to traditional finance. Much wow.


Did you know there's thing in BTC called ancient whales? Like they had lots of BTC from a long time ago and it hasn't been touched in years, and then they move funds after 10 years, and see huge profits compared to when they bought? Ten years without moving BTC? Sounds like they're prison hodlers. Amirite guys?


I know what you're thinking…. Just finish up already? How could we forget about the SEC, and that Gary Gensler should be fired and he doesn't actually have any rules on Crypto and is just making things up as he goes? With 65 posts about the SEC in the last 21 days, you can't.

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  2. And people forget that it takes like 6 months for the halving to take affect, the price doesn’t just increase in a day or two.

    It will just keep going up slowly. If it works that is.

  3. I don’t understand why this has comedy flair. It has graphics and charts, that’s some serious business.

  4. > Just ask GEN 3 avatar bag holders

    I made 700$ and still have 3 Nyan cats and Fiesta dogs 😅

  5. GEN 3 avatar holder here. Can confirm. Past results do not dictate future results lol

  6. BTC & LTC halving, Michael Saylor + MicroStrategy, hot girls, low BTC fees, whale games and the SEC.

    thank u OP, you covered everything

  7. > (Just ask GEN 3 avatar bag holders)

    I thought this was supposed to be comedy, but it turned out tragedy.

    > Where are you going? We’re not done yet….

    Especially with that knife hanging haha.

    You could’ve alternatively also titled this post ‘TLDR of r/cc: 30 day update’ or ‘Moonfarming for Dummies’

  8. Going by my luck, the moment i buy BTC, the halving will somehow get postponed for 4 more years… fucking hell

  9. You cant put up financial incentives for posting in a sub, then ban all ways to actually make it somewhat entertaining (memes, controversial opinions – okay, that one is only soft-banned by making downvotes count) and expect it to not be a pointless circlejerk of parroting.

  10. Enough with the endless reposts please. By the way, did you know the Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden in Mac OS?

  11. Tongue in cheek humor but yeah, I get it. I like the constant reminders of possible wealth following the halving. I dream about what I’m going to buy…then I snap out of it and get back to work.

  12. There’s a post about bitcoin surging to 30k next to and article about fear as it dips below 30k

  13. The amazing u/Beyonderr has made some r/cc bingo card, maybe it’s time for an update

  14. When halving and bull run happened, someone will buy at a high price and become exit liquidity.

  15. Yes, but did you guys know we’re 183.5 days from the halfway to the next Bitcoin halving.

  16. How to create the ultimate r/CryptoCurrency farming post while acting like you’re not trying to create the ultimate r/CryptoCurrency farming post

  17. What is going on in this post?

    Complete chaos.

    Do you even have a point or just needlessly pointing out random things people have done or said?

  18. Ngl, this post does have a ton of content more than the “serious” posts of this sub lol, deserves more than the comedy flair tbh

  19. This is great!! after each halving we reach a new ATH! after ~1 year of each halving. we are coming to that 100k

  20. as someone who has made a btc halving post in the past 30 days, i am being directly attacked

  21. The small addition of ancient whales in this post really ties this whole piece together


  22. Someone has to say it lmao. I can see some people already triggered by this and it’s amusing.

  23. Funny thing is, you’ll be able to repost this in a month because people will still spam this sub with regurgitated posts


  25. Haha man this is comedy. This sub is a parody with everyone making posts and threads just to farm moons

  26. My understanding of this post is we need more posts about litecoin halving three is definitely not enough

  27. I miss the days when this sub was more technical and not just a crypto news source and qqing

  28. Mom said it’s my turn tomorrow to post “BITCOIN HALVING IN 366 DAYS GUYZ OMG U READY?”

  29. But without my daily bitcoin halving post how will I know when the halving is ?

  30. I’m going to gouge out my eyes if I see one more “BTC $100k by Q69 2021” joke.

    inb4 someone replies with the “joke”

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