The Hunt Begins.


The pistol is raised. A single shot cracks through the air and the hunters burst across the field. Each with one singular goal: The Bounty – 25,000 Moons. The game has started, and the rules are simple.

  • To claim the bounty, find your prey. Take the only possession it has for yourself.

  • Hunters may go alone, but there is wisdom and strength in numbers. Information you discover can be yours alone, or for all. Do not blindly trust what others have to say.

  • Traitors, sneaks and rogues will be cast down and banished for an eternity. Do not tempt fate.

  • A prize may only go to faces seen around these parts – 1 week account age from 22nd June, minimum.

The horizon swallows the hunters. The bounty will do what it can to evade capture. All who play must be willing to use whatever skill and cunning they possess to keep ahead.


It is time to begin.

The Hunt Begins.

45 thoughts on “The Hunt Begins.”

  1. I’m gonna guess this post is riddled with clues. If anyone wants to start a puzzle solving group, lmk!

    Good luck all

  2. Gonna take someone more clever than me to figure this one out. Best of luck to those who try

  3. Stuck on Bitconnect? Check again. My bad!!

    If someone needs help and you want to help them please just DM them – don’t spoil it for people who want to try it for themselves. Thank you.

    If you drop your clues & progress in here, you’re just making it easier for everyone else.

    Guy’s we’re just gonna lock this until you get over the initial excitement and… surprise spoiling.

    This will be unlocked tomorrow morning. If you want to ask for help, recommend asking for DM’s and not public responses. Remember, it’s first come first served. There is only one prize to be won! Helping others reduces your chances, so you have to decide whether you want to team up and split the prize!

    Edit: now unlocked.

  4. I scanned the QR-code and it asked 50 times to download something on my phone…

    Cuz yeah, I’m in crypto and I don’t mind downloading 50 DIFFERENT things on my phone… /S

    It was nice aslong it lasted… NEXT!

  5. Seems like it’s over at the imgur image. Oh well.

    EDIT: I managed to reach a certain image. But a certain combination is hard to decipher.

    Seriously I have good eyes but some parts are unclear.

  6. Just my 2 cents, but making this contest with downloadable files containing macros in them was one of the stupidest ideas i’ve seen in a while, considering this is a crypto sub.

    No hate, just speaking my mind.

  7. Good luck to everyone. I only have phone, no computer near me, so can’t win it, but hope one of you will solve it!

  8. I have no idea what is going on here lol I see a word search that took 1 min to complete… I’m so lost


  9. What is the 4th image on the excel i for the life of me cant think and i’m getting no results on searching the image.

  10. Only the ones that reached this step will know: Where’s Waldo?


    Got stuck there. I don’t know how progress.

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