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Welcome to the Green Room Lounge, a financial investment AMA channel for serious crypto investors and selective crypto projects with great long-term potential.

Our ecosystem and token are are built on the idea of complete trust and transparency.

Our project includes a staking platform for our token on the Binance Network, an NFT Marketplace which features our unique NFT Collection, a Giveaway dApp which pays out prizes in BUSD and NFTs, and a LaunchPad which features projects on the Binance, Ethereum, and Cro Networks.

In addition, the Launchpad also offers services for new projects including creating token contracts, staking platforms, and NFT Marketplaces.
To better inform our community of projects, we wanted to create a place for investors to meet the developers of projects and ask questions to better understand their project and investment opportunity.

And that brings here, to the Green Room Lounge. Another utility within the Green Chart Ecosystem that includes the intelligent, seasoned investors from our community.
We use this AMA Channel, not only to solidify the trust in us, but also the projects we allow on our LaunchPad or AMAs.

In order for a project to schedule an AMA, they must first go through a thorough screening process to ensure that our audience is introduced to developers of only safe and capable long term projects with great potential.
Here in the Green Room Lounge, we value Trust and Transparency with our community, our audience outside the community listening, and with the developers that share the same commitment to strong character and transparency.

Stay tuned for announcements when a new AMA is scheduled.

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The Green Room Lounge - Crypto Group | AMA's | Find Next Gem ๐Ÿ’Ž