The German Government has sold around 5200 Bitcoin worth around $297M in last 1hr.

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50 thoughts on “The German Government has sold around 5200 Bitcoin worth around $297M in last 1hr.”

  1. What about all the other transactions in the last hour? Why did you highlight only the 7m ago?

  2. A government selling confiscated Bitcoin. The price drops because of simple supply and demand. Not because of an earth shattering occurrence. Not because of a black swan event. Adoption is still continuing. Bitcoin is still what it is. A weak handed whale is selling. A whale that came into Bitcoin because it took those bitcoin. It didn’t mine or purchase those coins. In most cases counties use fiat and don’t see the value of Bitcoin. So, it’s an anomaly that must play out. I thank them for allowing me to buy more bitcoin on the cheap.

  3. Anyone know the backstory on how the German government acquired all of this BTC in the first place?

  4. This is much better than Mt. Gox, so we are not waiting for the shoe drop for more than a decade. Just get over with swiftly.

  5. looks like otc buyers stepped in. Germany is doing something very different today in terms of their outflow rate.

  6. Why can they just market sell but when big buyers like the ETFs want in, they do it OTC?

    I’d like to see 100,000 Euros on this someday

  7. im still doing my DCA evey paycheck – but I have a stack of FIAT that will become BTC once the opportunity comes around.

  8. Every time Bitcoin is about to get some traction, something weird happens. lol

    Why wont Germany let us enjoy this run. 😅

  9. It’s all noise. Look at the insane shit that has happened in this space over the years, yet a new ATH was made just the other month.

    The US gov has no hope. The debt burden is out of control. The only solution is to print into oblivion.

    All assets are going to go parabolic in the next 10 years, and that includes Bitcoin.

  10. > 5200 Bitcoin worth around $297M in last 1hr.

    That seems like a lot of Fakecoin for not many millions of Quatloos.

  11. Am I seeing right? The title could have been the German government bought 500 m in the last hour, also.

  12. I am losing my patience with this bullshit. This is the blockchain, shows a tx, zero fucking proof anything was sold. Only idiots are believing this. Could they have been sold? Sure, could they still be owned by Germany? Yes. Stop fucking calling transactions on the blockchains buys or sells. That’s literally not how any of this works.

  13. Because they know that most of the orders of institutions are reaming on these low levels that’s why they are making the market down to fulfill this fair value gap and create FUD in the market that Bitcoin will crash down so that most people become fearful and open a position of short rather than long. But trust me after these orders will get fulfilled the price will shoot up to $100,000 very soon and may be $150,000 at the end of the year.

  14. I keep hearing about the selling but how about the fact that they are being bought with minimal price impact? I get price is down quite a bit in recent weeks but this is hardly the black swan event people made it out to be. Now let’s get this and Gox out the way, people will come back from their summer break hopefully to lower rates and more bullishness.

  15. I would like to know where these governments got the Bitcoin to start with? Did it come from drug bust seizures? If it came from crypto scam artists, it would be nice if they get it back to those it was stolen from rather than act like a hero and sell it off for their own bounty.

    As a previous victim myself, it feels like I have been ripped off four times. Once from the criminal, 2nd from the tax loss not fully granted (the US limits crypto losses) 3rd from the government seizing it as if it is theirs and not returning it, and 4th by them selling it, devaluing my current stack.

    While I appreciate the discount, I am not cash rich to take advantage. Why?? I don’t know….maybe because it was stolen. If it was from drug dealers…ok. Otherwise, I am disgusted if this is recaptured scam money not returned to the previous owner. It’s not like you can’t track the source.

    That said, even if it was drug money. This just goes to show that governments don’t know how to utilize and maximize your tax dollars. They should let it gain more value and if needed, sell it off slowly over time to get more value. I’m not picking on Germany. US is doing it too. Wish they were smarter like El Salvador.

    But it is probably being pocketed or abused by some corrupt politician.


  16. If someone told you they had two million dollars and they lost 300 dollars behind the couch, would that worry them?
    Isn’t 300 million dollars exactly the same ratio to the 2 trillion dollar market cap of bitcoin?
    I’m not the best at maths but all of this seems incredibly insignificant

  17. Is there a legal requirement that they have to sell on different exchanges?

  18. Damn gov discovered infinite money glitch.

    Get Bitcoin (seizures, tax stuff etc)

    Sell it and repeat it lol 

  19. As much as I admire Germans for many things in the last couple of decades, choosing coal over nuclear, and this, really make me question their intelligence.

  20. German and US governments are legitimizing btc. If they put no value on it, they wouldn’t have even sold it. The seed phrase would be sitting on a shelf in the government confiscation room along with trash.

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