The FED Just Crashed The Stock Market & Crypto (Here’s Why)

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The FED Just Crashed The Stock Market & Crypto (Here’s Why)

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10 thoughts on “The FED Just Crashed The Stock Market & Crypto (Here’s Why)”

  1. Its not going to affect the real estate market that much. They are just rebalancing their portfolio

  2. FUD …. great buy opportunity for crypto with long bags in mind … when there's blood in the street BUY

  3. the balloons full ..they let out the air then we buy again …its all manipulation and a game

  4. 0:00 when there is literal blood in the streets and houses are down 99.99999% the into will just be three minutes of incohate screaming followed by “let’s get into the data”

  5. The stock market crash is imminent, those that buy the dip will get burned. We will see gold and silver breakout in the first half of 2022.

  6. Give it a week and the market will bounce back up. The rich are buying this dip and sell when they 5x+ their investment.

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