The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.

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The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.

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10 thoughts on “The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.”

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  2. Describing a Ponzi scheme, then describing Crypto are virtually the identical description: It's NOT an inflation hedge, IS manipulatable

  3. Vitalik's tweet is a joke by the way, its not real. He's making fun of some investor that tweeted the same shit earlier Sunday. Paul Graham I think it was.

  4. I believe in btc so I will dca into btc. Why would anyone trust these mutual funds after the FTX scandal. If you believe in btc just dca into a cold wallet and hodl

  5. I really wish YouTube could figure out a way to get rid of these constant AMX, AMA, AMK comments. It is ruining the platform.

  6. What happened to FTX is definitely just the tip of a crumbling iceberg in the crypto world. Excellent explanation, man!

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