The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.

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The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.

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10 thoughts on “The *DANGER, COMING* Collapse of the Grayscale Bitcoin | Crypto WARNING.”

  1. The <volatility of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies makes any kind of price prediction notoriously difficult. Price fall means analysts remain divided over whether we are stuck in this bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. People who bought early 2019 are still profiting and they also earn by trading. So choosing the right strategy is very important when diving into Crypto, in other words it is important to have a plan! There has been a lot of interest in bitcoin trading. Trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility, I have been able to make 20 BTC in just 3 weeks of trading all thanks to exclusive signals from John Fraiser, a renowned trader that is always one step ahead.

  2. You totally missed the point of Vitalik's tweet. He was making fun of Paul Graham's tweet from the same day. He was not being serious…

  3. Slight correction Kevin. Grayscale is neither a mutual fund or ETF like you mentioned, it is a closed end fun trading at discount to NAV organized as a trust. Mutual funds are 5 letters that end in X.

  4. Spot <on! You are getting good at being ahead of the trend. Good job man! You nailed it. Pretty funny that volatility has been so compressed and we’ve become so conditioned as market participants that the slightest 3% move feels like a 15-20% move. I’ll advice you to go into crypto tradiing because it has higher profit returns, tradiing bitcoin options provide excellent opportunities for investors aiming to maximize gains while limiting their losses. Using multiple call(buy) options John Fraiser create a strategy capable of returns six times higher than the potential loss these can be used in bullish and bearish circumstances, depending on the investors expectations thanks to him I've earn 13.7' btc! Historically, fortune favored the ones who invest in thought moments.

  5. "In my experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reasons or principle contain it or stand against it." -Jane Smiley

  6. For all the winners to benefit from crypto currency there has to be many more LOSERS. That is how a Ponzi scheme works.

  7. So happy I invested in a real decentralized ecosytem like the one shiba inu is building welly / metavers / mobil game / john richmond / shibaswap all built on top of shibarium !!! Shib 🔌🔥🔥 / bone⛽️⚖️ / leash🔨 / shi 💰💳/ xfund 💻witch is the shibarium l2

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