9 thoughts on “The crypto market hasn’t reached the bottom yet: Delta’s Kavita Gupta”

  1. Interesting prediction. But krypton is not stable right now, and it is very hard to predict what will happen to it next. That's why after analyzing many cryptocurrencies I came to conclusion that at the moment Crypton is stable cryptocurrency for income.

  2. Great video , I have a quick question. I am an aspiring trader, I am looking study some traders and earn off their expertise rather than investing myself and lose money emotionally. Whats your take on copy trading? Do people really make money? Just looking for some reassurance.
    Thank you!

  3. how do I go about this trading, I have blow up my account twice and have lost alot of money

  4. If u. Any take a 50% dip and not be scared. You need to leave the markets. Or walk away. Stop looking! Check once a year. Most of you aren’t successful day traders or have millions. Why would u need to know what going on in markets more then warren buffet.

  5. The excitement continues here making profits is definitely the best part here. I'm so lucky to have this trading platform as my source of income, they have never stopped responding accurately.

  6. Bitcoin rise and fall but you never lose if when trade with crypto Gold πŸ‘‘

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