The Crypto Crash | What is Going On With Coinbase Stock

Kenan Grace

The Crypto Crash | What is Going On With Coinbase Stock

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  2. ME: "SO I'M HIRED?"
    ME: @_@ HUH

  3. Appreciate what you do Kenan. Very brilliant in every video with how you present this information. Would love to have you on an episode of the show.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  4. theres a difference between investing and speculating. theres nothing wrong with speculation… but it is reliant on timing. if you dont have control over timing in speculation (if your platform is in control of trade timing) – its a pyramid.

  5. I hope the younger generation, young men and women your age Kenan, NEVER vote DEMOCRAT AGAIN. They have killed the economy, and the country, the tide will change in November. FJB and his WHOLE administration ! 😡

  6. Idk the general markets are freaking out so bad yeah people are losing money I’m not rich by any means I’m down a ton on what I was willing to lose in foundations and the squeeze plays. On any stock when I’m doubt zoom out yeah at all time lows and we took a few hits if we keep our positions in the next 5-10 years the covid highs will be our next recession the market will always win if you plan on being here for a long time what’s happening isn’t a huge deal im fact I’ve been in the market for only 2-3 years this is my first “recession” have already tasted the bear markets and excited to unload my tiny amount of buying pressure at the bottom of all of this. Expect on gme and amc they got a light recurring investment from me every 2 weeks 1-2% of what I’m willing to lose every 2 weeks. And on crypto ima buy the dip too until there’s a reason not too.💯I’ll wait until I see what I believe is the low based on the charts and news , data and info available

  7. Coinbase will likely avoid the most recent type of scandal we’ve seen in crypto. If I remember correctly, they make something like 93% of their money from transaction fees. This is in stark contrast to the lending, which served as the primary mode of returns, that Celsius and Babel were utilizing.

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