The Coinbase and Binance Effect on Newly Listed Coins, namely MOONs

It is truly a momentous occasion when Kraken listed our very own Moons. I believe everyone in this sub has been running on hopium high since the listing. Now that Kraken (a huge respectable exchange) has listed MOONs, it would not be long before Coinbase and Binance follow suit. I did some research on this and found something called the Coinbase and Binance Effect. Hopefully from this, we can sort of estimate the price of MOONs when it is listed on Coinbase and Binance.

Disclaimer: I am not an analyst and this is not financial advice.

The Coinbase Effect

To start off, the Coinbase Effect refers to the price increase when a new coin is listed on Coinbase. The data available in 2021 suggests that coins that are newly listed on Coinbase experience an average of 91% increase in value over a 5 day period**,** which exceeds price actions when compared to other exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Gemini etc. They also mentioned that there is a wide distribution of price actions that range from -32% to 645%. However, we know that coins can go for much higher that breaks the median. One such example is the memecoin BALD, which recorded a 40,000% growth in 48 hours when it was listed on Coinbase.

The Binance Effect

For more recent data, the Binance Effect was quantified earlier this year in January. For comparison, the Binance Effect recorded a 41% increase in price in the first 24 hours, followed by a 24% increase on day 3. Over a 30-day period, tokens gain 73% on average. In the same article, they also quoted a market analyst at financial services firm at Conotoxia saying:

Grzegorz Drozdz, a market analyst at financial-services firm Conotoxia, estimated that in 2022 the price of around two-thirds of all newly launched tokens rose on Binance. The price of optimism (OP), for example, skyrocketed by more than 300% shortly after its debut on Binance.
“It seems that we could expect a greater upward reaction after the Binance listing in 2023, confirming the transition from the 'Coinbase effect' to the 'Binance effect,'” he added.

Moons listing on Coinbase and Binance

Obviously, nobody knows shit about anything in crypto. However, that doesn't stop us from applying the average increase in token prices to MOONs when they are listed on Coinbase and Binance.

MOONs price: $0.506 as of writing this post.

In case of Coinbase listing, 91% increase for MOONs will give us $0.966 in a 5-day period.

In case of Binance listing, 65% increase for MOONs will give us $0.835 in a 3-day period.

Therefore, MOONs to $1 is very possible.

This estimate takes the assumption that the price increase is smack dab on the average and does not take into account the cumulative/additive effect of multiple major exchange listings.

TLDR; MOONs are most likely going to increase in price during Coinbase and Binance listing (duh?) and you can estimate the price increase using statistical data. In a bull market, these effects will likely be amplified and the moon is the limit. This is made for fun and not actually financial advice.

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  1. It’s just a matter off time, if the list coins like Pepe they will list moons eventually

  2. It could be early to say that but I think BRICKS benefited more from Kraken listing than moons. Happy for those guys tho

  3. I mean yes, the coins will increase in price, but you gotta keep in mind, and kraken will possibly exit some of their bought moons during the same period and rebuy after the dump as well. There will be some price increase because the exchanges need liquidity to trade in that asset, but it will probably stabilise after some point.

  4. I’m hoping those two lost them, but I’d rather it during the bull run. Id like to see some more things you can with moons before that happens

  5. In recent listings on Binance, the initial pumps are almost immediately followed by a huge dump and within a week or less, the price is back to the pre-listing levels.

  6. >the average increase in token prices to MOONs when they are listed on Coinbase and Binance.

    I would change it to IF they are listed.

    We don’t know if they listed it, we didn’t talk about it, they didn’t mention it. Why would they list it? Is there any proof that they are thinking about it?

    Coinbase is in a lawsuit with the SEC, Binance has issues in USA and Europe.

    So even if they are planning on doing it I doubt that they are going to list moon in the near future.

  7. A hearty main course of hopium, served with a lovely side dish of data.

    Good job, OP.

  8. 1USD moons is a dream which I’ve never thought is possible this year. But with the recent news and updates I can see it happening really soon.

  9. Seen it couple of times. Launch pool mostly.

    New coin gets listed. Price explodes.

    STEPN got from $0.07 to $3 in 2 months

  10. I’m hoping these listings come during the bull. The price pump would be next level

  11. It’s 100% Moons gonna pump if it get listed on Coinbase and Binance. It gives more exposure and feasibility for more customer to buy coin.

  12. Moons being listed on Kucoin could have an effect on the price as well, albeit not as much

  13. I’m not ready for the world to know about moons.. I just started accumulating!

  14. So what I’m hearing from this is that we really, really want moons to get on coinbase?

  15. Thanks for stating current Moons price in the post.

    So busy farming, no time to check the charts 😀😀😀

  16. What’s with all the $1 talks?


    At $1, we’re at 100mill mcap. That’s basically nothing.

  17. What I worry about most is the quality of this sub-Reddit now that Moons can feed entire third world country villages.

    I know most of you have been experiencing it already, and with it being harder than ever to actually post something on here, we are forced to leave comments instead, and most of the time the majority of posts that make it through the filter of doom are crappy regurgitated clickbait articles.

    Then when we do find a post worthy of a comment, the full-time sub-Reddit employees jump in and leave a questionable comment, and by the time you are done penning a well thought out comment and post it, it is already buried in the thread never to be seen again.

    When Moons are a dollar, it will only get worse around here with people trying to game the system, and they’ll be way more full-time sub-Reddit employees waiting around for the next post to make it through the filter to comment on it.

    Your thoughts?

  18. Binance Coin pros & cons with related info are in the collapsed comments below.

  19. If I send my moons from my vault to my kraken account, will I get penalized the next distribution?

  20. Sold all my moons..don’t regret it one bit.

    No one has ever lost money taking profits and I’m still free to shit post until my heart is content.

    Bring on the next round

  21. These exchange listings are amazing news. And they made me adjust my possible sell price.

    As where at first I thought about selling at $1 but we are already at $0.50

    I am starting to think $10 at some point in the next bull run might not be that crazy.

  22. I’m trying to time the top of the Bricks pump. I have a huge load. Been accumulating since Sept 2020. Wish me luck boys.

  23. These have been two of the most saddest days of my life.

    I sold some MOON at 0.44c just to cautiously take profit, and treat myself to buy a lovely iPhone – thinking that MOON was at an ATH and the price might go down a little as people cash in and sell after distrib-moon-shun.

    Then what happens as soon as i sell? You guessed it.

    shitpost high, sell higher !

  24. Oh, for a minute I thought you meant they had already listed them. So I still have time to accumulate more moons.

  25. You’re right when you say nobody knows, but this at least gives some support to the moons to $1 idea.

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