The CC Ecosystem Buyers Guide is live

Have you ever wanted to refer a trusted crypto entity to market themselves on the CC sub but you weren't sure where to start?

With both basic and in-depth informational sections on our different sub offerings – The CC Ecosystem Buyers Guide aims to be a launching point for all parties interested in engaging with the broader CC audience.

A Draft of the buyers Guide was first published two week ago on r/CryptoCurrencyMeta to collect feedback and has since seen slight modifications. You can see a preview of the CC Ecosystem Buyers Guide below and a direct link: here

Comments are turned off on the entirety of the buyers guide. If you have any feedback/recommendations please leave them below.

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3 thoughts on “The CC Ecosystem Buyers Guide is live”

  1. eeek

    >NonSkippable Banner displayed at the top of the CC Sub, for both Mobile and Desktop Reddit. It allows your project to display themselves through a visual that everyone sees when they go to the CC Main Page.

    It aint non skippable. You can turn it off in settings. Community themes or something.
    I had mine turned off for ages and thought nobody had rented the banner out.
    Also does the banner even show up on old reddit?

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