Than one time when Craig Wright accidentally gave cryptographic proof to be a fraud

One of the most repeated lines in crypto is “Craig Wright is a fraud” – but did you know this is actually cryptographically proven without the slightest doubt?

What happened?

Craig Wright claims a lot of things – not only being Satoshi, but also owning all of Satoshis coins. However no one actually knows which coins belong to Satoshi. So he just listed all coins in his dubious “Tulip Trust List” that he believed were Satoshis.

Plot List: Not all of these addresses belonged to Satoshi, and also not all were dormant. In May 2020, the following Message was signed by 145 addresses Craig Wright claimed to own, and published together with the signatures:

One of the addresses with verified Signature, checked with

The same address found in the Tulip Trust List

You can find an archived version of all addresses and signatures here.

Cryptographically this signature is as secure as a BTC transfer – it could only be created with the private key, and it's an indisputable proof the owner of this address agrees with the written message.

Where are we today, almost 3 years later?

BSV chart on CoinMarketCap

His own version of Bitcoin, BSV is at about 35.90$, down 92% from ATH. The market cap of this fraudulent project is still 690 Million USD and ranks #65 on CoinMarketCap. Even though it's proven he claimed to own many addresses he clearly doesn't own, people continue to trust him and believe he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Don't buy this fake Bitcoin and don't believe Craig Wright, he is a liar – this is proven in the most fundamental way possible in crypto.



Coindesk Article from May 2020

Original tweet from Zectro

~tl;dr: Craig Wright is a fraud

edit: Damn, typo in title ;; *That)

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49 thoughts on “Than one time when Craig Wright accidentally gave cryptographic proof to be a fraud”

  1. >Craig Wright claims a lot of things – not only being Satoshi, but also owning all of Satoshis coins.

    Craig Wright Wrong.

  2. I seriously think that Craig has mental health problems and that he need some serious help.

  3. The dude used documents as evidence to his claim, that had fonts that weren’t invented back then…
    He’s not the sharpest fraud in the drawer

  4. At this point, I doubt anybody still thinks he is Satoshi, except himself maybe.

    BSV still being at 690Million marketcap is funny and sad at the same time.

  5. Imagine you have one of the most revolutionary project of the century available to purchase, and you go “mmm, no, I’ll buy BSV instead”

  6. I cant imagine unironically believing Craig Wright. How gullible can you be at that point

  7. Anyone who ever believed Craig Wright probably never knew what Bitcoin was actually about and why it was made by Satoshi Nakamoto.

  8. People like him have no morals and will just say anything that will give them some attention. Pretty disgusting.

  9. No way in hell that ass is Satoshi, he’s an immature man-baby at best, although in reality it’s safe to include fraud and worthless.

  10. Does anyone else remember when Wright supposedly provided On-Chain proof to a journalist that he’s the real Satoshi, despite the journalist having no idea what the hell’s going on?

  11. Who is gonna believe Craig Wright is a Satoshi?

    Only Craig Wright but he himself knows that he is not a Satoshi.

  12. All he has to do to prove he’s Satoshi is to sign a private message with the wallets… But he can’t.

    Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud.

  13. Trying to uncover the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is like trying to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. No matter how many theories are put forward, the true explanation remains elusive.

  14. How did he win that lawsuit about him being Satoshi or whatever I still have no idea, don’t remember it neither

  15. Agree but why do we still care? It has been discussed time and time again, and literally no one believes he is Satoshi so… can we move on?

  16. Who was the bitcoin OG that was such a cringelord he actually cried because he tought about CSW and his genius?

  17. Don’t give this guy any more publicity just forget about him and don’t mention his name again haha

  18. If he is truly Satoshi, then he should have no problem confirming this. Only the real Satoshi would know how to do this

  19. Are you referring to the time he got i.d.’d at the bar and he tried to give them a fake id that said Faketoshi Notamoto?

  20. Simple answers require simple solutions.

    Assume he “is” Satoshi and give him a 50billion dollar tax bill. + IRS fines for non-declaration of wealth!

  21. If he really was Satoshi he could just sign a transaction with the original wallet and be done. The dude can’t.

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