Swtiched to v3 – BNB gone to 0 in v3 BUSD-BNB Pool

Hey guys,

I put in around 3k BUSD and 3k Worth of BNB in the new x3 pool. And now a day later there is 0 BNB and 4500 BUSD in my pool. And i have no clue how that happened. The pool is also in inactive. In the pic you see my deposits and above the current liquidity which is only BUSD. How the hell did this happen? I lost the BNB and aprox 1500$ worth of value. Can anyone help please?


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  1. That’s one of the new features of V3, concentrated liquidity.

    Where you choose the price range for your liquidity

    A tight liquidity range helps in earning more trading fees, and a wider liquidity range helps in staying in range longer.

    When the position becomes inactive, you have to remove liquidity and add it again, or wait for the price to come back to your range, and it becomes active again.

    But there is a feature that is coming out this quarter called position manager

    That will help to manage the positions to stay in range automatically

    Because position was inactive, the pair converted into one token.

    Unless it becomes active again, it rebalances 50/50

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