Swan is making major changes to their platform.

Access in all US states; on-chain validation of bitcoin; new custody and bank partners (update your direct deposit)!

9 thoughts on “Swan is making major changes to their platform.”

  1. Insurance up to $250mil? Do you need to store your keys on their servers for that policy to take effect?

  2. Yay NY! Coinbase has been nice, but cheaper withdraws and especially auto-sending to my cold wallet has me sold. Hate when my DCA hits and i got to go into Coinbase, see the charts and how much it was bought for when sending it to my cold wallet

  3. https://old.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/34isou/peter_todd_on_twitter_my_standard_consulting/

  4. Is there a Swan app or just website? Also what are fees like? I love the auto send feature. I’m assuming this is for DCA.

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