StrikeX DD – $STRX – (FTSE-250 CMC Markets Invest in StrikeX)

**These are my views and my opinion on StrikeX Technologies Ltd. & TradeStrike BVI. These views do not reflect on an official TradeStrike Team standpoint**

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[CMC Markets who are a FTSE-250 company have acquired a 33% stake in StrikeX Technologies, Cementing a strategic partnership to revolutionise the digital asset industry](

This announcement came in the AM of the 9th of June 2023 and has gained a lot of traction already. 

**What does this mean for StrikeX?**

This is a major step for not only StrikeX but the Web3 industry as a whole, as far as my knowledge goes; there has not been a deal like this before with a Web3 Company. 

With a major institutional entity such as [CMC Markets]( invested in StrikeX gives a lot of comfort to those who have been on the fence for a while. Many of those who are more traditional investors may have more respect and trust for StrikeX now.

“Our partnership with CMC Markets will bolster our position as early frontrunners in this dynamic and fast-moving industry, whilst validating our long-term vision and strategy. We strive to pioneer the delivery of traditional financial instruments, such as equities, commodities and bonds to the blockchain, whilst guaranteeing security, compliance, and ease of access via intuitive, secure, and user-friendly products. We are excited by the opportunity this partnership brings and we look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to grow and innovate.” – Joe Jowett, StrikeX CEO & Co Founder.

**How does this affect the Stock Token Bridge?**

Now this hasn’t been confirmed however if you read between the lines then you will realise that CMC Markets activates the stock token bridge. They are the vital component to allow the tokenisation of authentic shares. 

When a user buys a stock on the Tradestrike exchange then this is sent to the broker and the broker buys on the Stock Exchange. From there the broker will then send the share to be minted and sent back to the user. 

The broker in this case is CMC Markets. 

—— **This next section is the FAQ’s from** ——

**Q1: Why is this investment and partnership important?**

There is little doubt that blockchain technology such as the tokenisation and self-custody of real-world assets can revolutionise the financial industry, what is evidently clear, now more than ever, is that much more must be done by blockchain firms to ensure their growth and innovation is not derailed by inexperience and ignorance of regulatory frameworks.

The investment and partnership of CMC Markets into StrikeX technologies represents a great leap forward for Web3, the benefits of traditional regulated trading firms stepping in to the blockchain space are multi-faceted. Bringing with them expertise in regulatory compliance, credibility and trust, valuable knowledge, and experience. This partnership

serves as a promising pathway for healthy growth and innovation not only for StrikeX

Technologies but for the wider industry.

**Q2. Why CMC Markets?**

CMC Markets Plc, whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker

CMCX , was established in 1989 and is now one of the world’s leading online financial trading businesses. The Group serves retail and institutional clients through regulated offices and branches in 12 countries, with a significant presence in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Singapore. CMC offers an award-winning, online, and mobile trading platform, enabling clients to trade up to 10,000 financial instruments across shares, indices, foreign currencies, commodities, and treasuries through contracts for difference (“CFDs”), financial spread bets (in the UK and Ireland only) and, in Australia, access stockbroking services.

Given the rapid pace of change and increasing adoption of blockchain technologies in the financial services sector, our partnership and investment from CMC Markets provide us with access to highly coveted expertise and market experience. This collaboration not only validates our long-term strategy but also accelerates our development roadmap, opening up possibilities for new innovative technologies and services.

This milestone is significant for both companies and the digital asset industry as a whole. By combining StrikeX’s expertise in tokenisation and self-custody technologies with CMC Markets’ extensive financial services experience, we are now in a strong position to revolutionise the way individuals and businesses invest in digital assets.

**Q3. What is the nature of the investment?**

CMC Markets has acquired a 33% stake in StrikeX Technologies, with two CMC members being welcomed onto the StrikeX Technologies board, bringing with them their wealth of expertise and experience to contribute to the growth and ongoing success of the StrikeX business.

**Q4. Are there plans to merge StrikeX with CMC?**

No, this is not a merger deal. StrikeX Technologies will remain an independent company, with CMC owning a 33% equity stake.

**Q5. How are CMC Markets’ products complimentary to StrikeX Technologies (what are the future plans)?**

By combining StrikeX’s expertise in tokenisation and self-custody technologies with CMC

Markets’ extensive experience in financial services, both companies are now well-positioned

to transform the way people and businesses invest in digital assets.

—— **End of FAQ’s**——

**My Conclusion**

A partnership with CMC Markets was definitely something that people needed to see, those who were on the fence and those who are already invested. This brings so much more solidarity to TradeStrike and also proves the potential. 

An entity like CMC Markets does not just do deals like this without some proper due diligence (hopefully you guys read some of my posts lol). 

The community is fired up like it used to be and the price is making everyone happy. Those who know the price doesn’t matter at this stage are still equally as happy as those who care all about the price. 

It’s a great day to be a part of something special. 

Here’s to health, wealth and prosperity 📷📷

 **What is the StrikeX website ?**

[StrikeX Website](

[TradeStrike Website](

**What is the StrikeX address ?**


**What is StrikeX listed on ?**

* [CoinMarketCap](

* [CoinGecko](

**StrikeX is listed and available to trade on**

  • [StrikeX Wallet📷](
  • [StrikeX Wallet📷](
  • [Probit](

* [BitMart](

**Where can I contact them ?** 

  • On either of the [Websites StrikeX]( [TradeStrike](

* You can contact them via Twitter: 

* [StrikeXOfficial](

* [CEO Joe Jowett](

* [CCO Kishan Vadgama](

  • [CTO Rob Clark](
  • [CSO Jason Butler](