Steve Aoki turned $1.6 million into $33k through buyings nfts.

  1. Steve bought Doodle#2238 for $862k, it is now worth 12k

  2. He bought ON1 #2856 for $307k, it is now worth 3k

  3. He also bought Cool cat #8665 for $123k, it is now worth $5k

There's a few more too that he is down over $1m in total, but it doesn't matter much to him because he is rich, but those who followed him thinking he was making smart decisions, they were affected the hardest. He is like Cramer but for nfts, if he buys you sell. Never copy trade him.

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You will see some more of his trades in the link attached.

49 thoughts on “Steve Aoki turned $1.6 million into $33k through buyings nfts.”

  1. The holy code of r/cryptocurrency to buy high and sell low proofs it’s unimaginable results once again.

    A true inspiration.

  2. He didn’t buy anything, he was gifted the nft for free for marketing and publicity. He probably got paid too.

  3. I’m not gonna laugh. That sounds like something I would do tbh. Turn a load of money into nothing. Like a shit magician

  4. if Steve Aoki buys an nft in a collection same with you, it’s time to sell. Steve Aoki is the clearest top signal in nfts

  5. Does anyone believe he paid those actual amounts? Usually these things use flash loans to oneself to inflate the price to whatever a person wants it to be.

  6. Yeah, he will definitely suffer. He comes from a super rich family (his dad founded the restaurant chain Benihana) and he has a net worth > 100mio USD + a steady income stream.

  7. r/CryptoCurrency motto: buy high, sell low.

    Steve Aoki belongs in this sub, he’s one of us!

  8. Im a professional artist and I never once understood NFTs. My tattoo artist friends tried to fomo in and make money and they literally all failed, while celebs and dickheads were spending thousands on low effort pixel trash for thousands of dollars and it was nothing to do with art or skill at all. Now all these losses. Seems like a giant fucking mess to me, and yet again another stark example of how theres very little room in the world for people like me 🙁

  9. NFTs can defo be the wild wild West Side of Crypto. I buy some but I find they are even more riskier than shitcoins and thats saying something.

  10. I always thought the rise in these NFTs contributed to the downturn in crypto, as it just seemed like…’how much more can we milk from these fools’. I think NFTs put some people of the whole space in general which couldn’t of helped.

  11. I am pretty confident in my skills, so I can say I could turn $1.6 mln into much less than $33k.

  12. He probably earns 1.6m in less than a month having fun DJaying as well, I doubt he’s losing any sleep over that

    Classic case of ‘Too much money, which funny jpeg picture should I lose my money on today?’

  13. Man… reading all these NFT stories lately is rough. I’m really glad i didnt jump in on that.

  14. I a lot of people who turned $100-150 into 7 dollars buying Cryptos that individuals in this sub pushed.

    I’m not into seeing how many people’s NFT delusions didn’t work out for them and how dog pile it seems for people to want to talk about this during a bear market when most people are down.

    It is funny though that the NFTs that a lot of people are down financially on are these non functional NFTs that at one time were insanely overpriced but now that we’re in this bear market and functional NFTs are starting to bud in the Loopring L2 system those functional NFTs are considerably way more cheaper. (Not that anyone is making money off those anytime soon, as much as I believe functional NFTs have a big future, these still so much work to be done by people who are far more knowledgeable on creating these things)

  15. I only recently learnt his Dad founded Benihana! He was a mad character definitely worth a look. Ha

  16. We never talk about the other end of the transactions. How have the lives changed of the people that SOLD the NFT’s, instead off the people that bought them? Thats what im curious about

  17. Dude you picked out 3 projects he lost in… Just like most crypto people who were in early Steve made out fine.

    I will tell you all one more time… The way you talk about NFTs is the way people talked about Bitcoin at first. Then Ethereum.. you all act like you want to be early in something. To be early you have to do the thing everyone is saying it’s stupid because you understand the underlying tech is powerful. That’s how it was for bitcoiners under 100$. You were only called stupid or gullible. The subreddit was half filled with people doing anatomy on bubbles and everything was about tulip mania and beanie babies

    People desperately exaggerating as to why Bitcoin is bad and you shouldn’t invest. Those people were talking to themselves. They had some inklings that some things was there but didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole.

    Look how op is trying to validate his thesis. I know for a fact aoki came away many 7 figures up last bull run. Op just picks 3 specific losses. Everyone that has done well in this ecosystem will have lost big at times. That’s how the crypto casino works. There’s too much boom and bust.

    What is big right now?? AI. What does AI need to function? Digitized data? What crypto technology is capable of non fungible transfer of data receipts…… Geee whizzz. I wonder what’s going to be getting hyped up big time next cycle again…

    I’m not saying buy pfps.

    I’m saying this thing where you are so scared to consider nft technically that you have to blanket the entire thing as a scam. To the point that you guys make total bullshit posts like the op.

    Do what you want. If you can’t put 2 and 2 together you don’t deserve to be early

  18. These posts crack me up because they’re like, “this 1 million dollar NFT is worth 5k now.”

    When in reality they’re worth exactly zero.

  19. I think a monkey with Autism could have told everyone it’s pretty stupid to pay millions of dollars for a digital picture.

  20. Steve Aoki also turned a few thousand into $120mn, despite immense pressure from his father to stop going down the path he did.

    Stop trying to dunk on these people who made something of themselves just because they lost some money in the same sector that half of this sub lost money in with shitcoins.

  21. I know I am not the only one who immediately thought NFT’s were the dumbest thing ever created and entiely for suckers with too much money but god damn was this fight too long in coming full circle and there are STILL idiots on the bandwagon.

  22. His parents are rich who cares. He wouldn’t even be a producer if it wasn’t for that.

  23. I never understood why people were buying NFT’s at the hottest time of the market

  24. Never bought an NFT that’s more than 10usd on Reddit, and this is why. What’s the point? If you want to make money on crypto just buy ETH or BTC, maybe another project and let it be. But NFTs really?

  25. Trust me. He can afford it.

    Whereas, I freak out if I spend 12 dollar for a combo meal

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