Standard recovery vs advanced recovery

This is actually pretty awesome about a few weeks ago I learned the difference between standard and advanced recovery when inputting your seed on a new device or recurring device and at first I was kind of paranoid because I used standard before I switched to advanced and then I came across this article after contacting Trezor themselves and they confirmed to me it is still extremely safe . Crypto is awesome and I love Trezor

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  2. Just to note, it only affects owners of Model 1.

    Model T and Safe 3, you enter your seed directly onto the device.

  3. Just be aware that standards recovery is only safe with 24 word seeds. (Which is the default for Trezor One)

    If you have a 12 word seed and run standard recovery twice on a compromised system, you have potentially leaked your 12 words… (Which can then be trivially descrambled)

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