Stake returns to full operations – deposits and withdrawals processing instantly

This post outlines the details of the exploit:

They've now announced that they're back up and running at full speed with no losses to user funds:

This isn't surprising considering how much money they make, but it's important to commend the team for making users whole and bringing things back to normal in a matter of hours. Imagine if we could have seen the same at FTX!

18 thoughts on “Stake returns to full operations – deposits and withdrawals processing instantly”

  1. hold up let me deposit some funds into this…gambling cassino defi that just got hacked i’m sure it will be fine! 🤡

  2. A website which enables users to lose their money, lost their money, to give it back to them, for them to lose it again on their website. They can never lose!

  3. Im sure im gonna have the same luck as the streamers, I mean its just a coincidence that only streamers with millions of followers are winning constantly, right?



    Please dont gamble.

  4. Do they actually let players win? I remember my friend with VIP not even let them win

  5. Was it a marketing stunt or hacking did really happened and they somehow fixed it?!

  6. I don’t know what’s better, to throw $100 at a low-cap new shitcoin, or $100 at Stake. One’s more fun for sure.

  7. So they were basically like: nevermind we back in business, throw your money in.

  8. When a gambling platform has more integrity than one of the largest exchanges backed by dozens of politicians and successful business execs had

  9. They should’ve just paid back everyone at FTX. They found like 75% of the money. But after the lawyers drag it out I bet people get like 30%. Basically criminals working for criminals.

  10. They lose a couple million, but they keep the costumers confidence, which in turn will make them billions in revenue.

    At least they showed that they honour their commitment to the costumers about the safety of their funds.

    Smart move.

  11. Well I am glad they got it sorted out quickly. Would be scary for those who had significant balance in their account.

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