Stacking during pumps

  1. I can't use ledger anymore if anyone knows the best self custodial wallet let me know please
  2. Getting closer to 10,000,000 SATS.
  3. Why does bitcoin pump a few days before I get paid lol my luck
  4. Just keep stacking is the rule
  5. I'm looking to get a lightning node and I've seen some people have very small portable ones, would love more info

Thank you

21 thoughts on “Stacking during pumps”

  1. I like Umbrel. I put the Tailscale VPN on my Umbrel so that I can connect directly to it without Tor when I’m away from home. I used Zeus LN on my iPhone to connect home and control my Umbrel to send payments, open channels, create invoices, etc.

    Umbrel + Zeus LN is pretty overpowered.

  2. I’m also looking for a better hardware wallet. My Trezor I don’t think allows me to have it airgapped. I’m considering building my own, which would be a good project and could ensure no back doors. But I’ll have to put in the work to understand code, 3d print, soldering. Could be worth it in the end.

  3. Ok. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted but there’s nothing wrong with ledger. The new update is completely optional and they can only gain access to your keys if you provide them. It’s still a cold wallet as long as you don’t opt in to that feature.

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