Spent the last two years building a cryptocurrency trading bot platform with 5 other redditors and we just released it last week, AMA!

Hello everyone and thanks a lot for having us on again! Last time we did an AMA the application was still in development. I'm very excited to say that we have officially released AESIR last and week it's been a real journey to get to where we are now!

We initially started AESIR with the idea of building a user interface for the Binance Volatility Bot, a Python script for detecting coin volatility, that I shared on here a while ago.

we all met through r/cryptocurrency in March 2021 and we've been working on this project ever since. Meeting on reddit and building a startup together has its own set of challenges, such as overcoming the trust barrier, but I'm happy to report that nobody ran away with these.

The original tool required some technical knowledge to run, and many of you asked for a UI for it, and we delivered! We also massively expanded on the original idea by adding more trading tools for everyone's benefit.

AESIR works by allowing you to configure how and when your trading bots should trade. The “how” is usually covered by configuration options such as amount per trade, the coins to buy, maximum number of orders as well stop loss, take profit and trailing stop loss.

The “when” is where it gets interesting. We've build 4 main trading modules into AESIR:

  • A Volatility Layer detects and capitalizes on volatile assets.
  • The Tradingview layer enables the selection of Tradingview indicators, triggering a buy signal only when some or all of them suggest buying.
  • The Technical Analysis Layer provides more control over indicator-based buy signals.
  • The DCA layer which allows you to automatically DCA on multiple assets at a given interact, and automatically cash out at a Take Profit threshold of your choice.

You can run these layers individually or combine them to really unique trading signals.

On top of the strategy builder, we also built a Social Hub where you can see and clone other profitable configurations, if the creator market them as public.


AESIR is free to use, and we're the only cryptocurrency trading bot platform that allows paper trading for free.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our team, the tool we've built and our vision. Any topic is fair game!

Another big part of this is AMA is to shed some light on trading bots and algorithmic trading. It's important to understand what they actually do, what to expect of them, and what they expect of you.


  • CyberPunkMetalHead
  • AesirOMutt
  • AesirCoffee

Start time: 10AM UTC

End time: We're here all day!

Let's get it started!

If you like our project, join us on reddit at https://reddit.com/r/aesirofficial
or sign up for an AESIR account at: https://app.aesircrypto.com

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16 thoughts on “Spent the last two years building a cryptocurrency trading bot platform with 5 other redditors and we just released it last week, AMA!”

  1. I wish we had something like this but AI powered, if human error it’s still a big part it doesn’t have much appeal to me. I hope you guys are successful with it but I can’t see how different this is from the others.

  2. Great job and congratulations but can you share more details about security and how you make it safe to be used specially in a space where we see hackers and scammers in every corner?

  3. Yo, using a bot ain’t magic. Train it right or it’s useless. Don’t be a noob and lose your assets. Know what you’re doing before you start trading, bro.

  4. AESIR burned 1020 MOON for this AMA:


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