Someone dedicated the “B” on a custom keyboard to bitcoin

An Instagram account (@jhoff_art) is making a custom keyboard and dedicated the B key to the bitcoin logo. Unfortunately they did not post the video.

21 thoughts on “Someone dedicated the “B” on a custom keyboard to bitcoin”

  1. ive never seen a keyboard like this it looks cool…….but i also hate it

  2. >unfortunately they did not post the video

    Why would this be important? Some random person online used a permanent marker and whiteout to paint keys resembling logos. Unremarkable.

    • Unilever for the U

    • Pixar lamp for the I

    • Huge joint for the J

    • Helipad for the H

    • … Swastika for the alt.

    Ok, I’ll walk myself out

  3. Imagine how much less impressed you’d be if you had to spend extra time playing a video to see it.

  4. I’ve seen his YT shorts appear on my feed. Amazing the variety of content out there nowadays.

    It just goes to prove there has never been a more prosperous time for making money online. Luke Belmar calls it the digital gold rush.

    There are pretty girls with low cut tops reacting to other people’s content (so they’re not even creating their own organic content) racking up millions of views and presumably tons of money to go with it.

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