Some Cope and Appreciation post.

I just wanted to say that, although I am currently in the red with my crypto investments, I do feel like cake is still my better choice over other cryptos I hold.

The locking mechanism came out at the perfect timing and I feel like the team is really trying their best to influence the price of cake and amount of rewards in a balanced and smart way.

Locking just before this crash is a relief, I would be running around try to sell and buy like a mad person with what is happening. But the pool and the prospect that prices will go back up at some point really make me less worried about the current events.

Basically, this is how I see this will be playing out. For PCS to completely be ruined, we would need to see crypto become irrelevant, which I don't think will happen. The only question being how long will it take to recover… Well, I can't answer that, but some time need to pass for sure, and that is all I have to do, while getting more and more cakes, I'll wake up in a year and things might just be back to normal, slightly worst slightly better, who knows? All I know is that, there will be more cakes. All my other cryptos will be at the same exact number (except for ada, but I won't have that much more).

Well, time to go back to meditation and breathing exercices 😂 stay Zen lockers.

Some Cope and Appreciation post.

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  2. All I worry about is the APY dropping constantly and not having enough funds to load more $CAKE

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