Solana Price News Today – Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis, Price Update!

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Solana Price News Today – Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis, Price Update!

Solana Price News Today – Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis! In this video I talk about a technical analysis of the Solana SOL price and I talk about some important price moves that are happening right now! Very important: – please do not reply to anyone with the MCO logo in the YouTube comments who sends you a Whatsapp number. This is scam! – please do not join any other MCO Telegram channel than the ones you received the links for. These are all scam! – You find the official Social Media links down below in the description section. Join the private MoreCryptoOnline membership group: OR OR e Link to KuCoin: n Get the Metal Visa Card: o For additional support you can now buy me a coffee ;-): o You can find the Technical analysis channel here: g Please check out the More Crypto Online website: / Link to the trading software I am using: w Link to the Trezor hardware wallet: e Our Merch Store with various cryptocurrency designs: / Official Social Media Links: Instagram: / Twitter: l Financial Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. Ideas presented in this video are my opinions at the date of filming and may have changed in the future. Links in the video description are oftentimes affiliate links.

10 thoughts on “Solana Price News Today – Elliott Wave Price Prediction & Technical Analysis, Price Update!”

  1. Would it be possible to get a short TA on Dogecoin and maybe shiba inu. Just a quick update. Thanks for everything

  2. $32.50 at 7:15am CST. Seems when you post a SOL video the price action is to the upside. Can’t wait to hear your TA as we are bouncing on the channel resistance you mentioned. Waiting for the EW low to add more to my bag but DCA’ing in small increments. Thanks again for these regular updates!

  3. Ben the scammers have came again to comment box again asking people to message them pretending its you

  4. Great vid as always. I consider myself a fairly accurate Elliot analyzer and what just happend where we went to $33, top of channel, getting semi rejected as we speak could very well be the finish of the wave 4. I see it as a 3-3-5 ABC correction with the 5 being a diagonal, possibly a WXY of some sort.Rejection at the channel so far. Or we are finishing the C wave in the midst of our Abcde triangle. A break out of channel and retest aborts that was even a wave 4 and we bottomed at $25.83. I’m waiting for more confirmation to short. I’m 4-5 on my last shorts thanks to your 5th wave extension idea. Great work as always.

  5. This is why I'm glad I learned my lesson to take profit in batches. Even if we move up and the current wave count is invalidated, or we break trend, this has already been an excellent trade for me, and I thank you very much for alerting me to it.
    I don't think BTC is bottomed out yet though, so I also may roll some of that profit back in to the short on the next retest

  6. Thanx for another excellent video ! I'm studying Elliot Wave too right now but it's hard (at least for me 😉 ) Moving created more costs but does not mean I'm not joining your community soon ! Just setting up some cash ready so when I join at least I can put in some money on trades. You'll soon have me join and thank you again for all you do ! I recommend your channel to anyone I chat or meet so I hope I might be able to bring in more people to your channel for it's a good investment ! Each One Teach One Might it be possible to cover AVAX, MATIC and I'm also curious to learn your perspective on XLM & also XRP/Ripple's lawsuit & what would come out from that? I know XLM & Ripple were invited at the World Economic forum so I do see a strong upside ahead of us, but that's just my 2 cents. Would love to hear your insights on this, if you have the time of course ! Also KSM, VET, DOT are on my watchlist, not sure what your thoughts are on these projects. And in what way is AVAX to be compared to LUNA? I keep hearing about this but my tech knowledge does not allow to fully grasp the comparison… Thank you anyhow. Have a great sunday & week ahead !

  7. Ben, what if we are in a wave 2 of wave 3 of the fifth wave extension where this wave up can travel as high as $$38-$39ish? Then we have 3 of 3 down forming an ending diagonal and the final outcome is lower than we thought? Thoughts?

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