So I won a BTC

And I really feel like I have no clue where to start learning. It’s alot of money to me and I don’t know how I could safely turn it into cash or move it. Super scared to send it anywhere because 1 tiny mistake and it’s gone forever. Any good guides someone could point me to? Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give!

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  1. Don’t reply to any DM!

    If your plan is to keep it, get a hardware wallet to keep it safe.

  2. First to do anything do you own research, until you are very clear do your first transaction.

  3. Tread lightly OP, this is likely a scam. Be very careful of any service saying you have to fund the account or activate the wallet.

  4. Not a scam it’s a trading card company Cardsmith. Look up Bitcoin gnome.

  5. If this is real congratulations. Move on to cold storage, like Trezor or Ledger. And only send a very small amount first, for example $10, as a test, so you don’t lose it!

    And keep it! For as long as you can! Will easily be worth 100k in next 5 – 10 years

  6. Get a trezor. Make sure to buy it direct from trezor and make sure the box is untampered with. generate the seed with your computer completely offline(first time you plug it in). Trezor suite will walk you through everything else. Get a steel plate wallet kit for the seed back up. Look into using a passphrase.

  7. Do not reply to any personal messages. They are going to ALL be scams.

    Buy a Trezor model one hardware wallet from Satoshi Labs. Not from a secondary source like Amazon, or Walmart. While it is in the mail. Research what you can about self custody. How to store you private seed. If you lose your seed or get one letter wrong your money is gone. Don’t ever enter it online, or even type it in a word document. Write it down with a graphite pencil on paper, or chisel it into metal. Double and triple check the words spelling and sequence. Once you have your wallet set up, send a tiny amount of your funds to your wallet. Double check the public address you are sending it to to make sure it’s the same. Then make sure it has arrived. Could take seconds, or minutes. In 2017-18 it even took days.

    After you sent a small amount and everything looks good. Send the rest (again double and triple checking the public key is the same on your hardware wallet as it is on your computer) and continue to read about security and self custody.

    FYI. We all need money right now, but it’s truly worth it to hold as much as you can of your bitcoin for the next year. We are super close to a 4 year cycle called the Halving. And notoriously during this time period bitcoin makes a huge surge.

    In 2017 it went from about $1000 to $19,000
    In 2021 it went from about $3500 to $68,000
    In 2024-2025 it may get a lot higher.

    Don’t listen to anybody on YouTube or Reddit about price predictions. Nobody is ever right, including me.

    Edit:a word

  8. That’s fantastic, congratulations on your win.

    Get a good wallet and keep your bitcoin.

  9. OP register account on exchange of your choice. Deposit 10 or 20 dollars. Buy tiny amount of bitcoin. Make a hardware wallet or any wallet you like. Now transfer that tiny bitcoin from exchange to your newly created wallet. Get the feel of things before you even touch 1 BTC u won. Also trust no one.

    P.S read abit about crypto scams and pishing so u know how to be safe.


  10. If you’re getting into crypto….remember to do TEST TRANSACTIONS don’t send thousands away at one time.
    Yeah I believe in the technology but MAN do I believe in human error lol

  11. NO DMs
    Do not send all at once, send 10$ first to test every time.
    Also, I would buy at least 2 hard wallets, for 25K it is worth it since even HW has flaws and human error.
    Hell for 25k I would have at least 4, In the EU that is an annual netto salary.


  12. get a good bitcoin only wallet for this! Coldcard or Jade blockstream.

    lookup videos by BTC sessions on youtube for great complete tutorials on how to use these devices and general BTC learning. if you actually get one full BTC you are one of only a few, congratz!

  13. Don’t reply any DM
    Don’t click any link you see no matter how real it look- always confirm the website well

    If you want to convert to cash, do a KYC at a fairly legit exchange like Kraken. Transfer from a cold wallet to there and then put in your bank

  14. Cold storage crypto wallet. You can find new sealed ones on ebay, don’t buy used.

  15. How many currency series trading card pack did you open before winning Big. Lol Asking for a Friend.

  16. Best dont tell friends and family about it. If you have a spouse its your decision.

    Think about what it would mean if 1btc goes to 1M.

  17. We are near the bottom of a bear market at the moment. Over the next two-ish years that $25k could well be worth over $100k. The all time high for BTC (from the last market peak) is $69k. BTC has never had a bull market in which it didn’t set a new all time high.

    Whatever you do, unless you are desperate for cash or have a more lucrative investment opportunity, don’t sell it right now. Just get it safely onto a hardware wallet, or even a reputable CEX (like Coinbase) until you can get a hardware wallet set up. Then you will have two years to educate yourself on how and when to sell it, if you still choose to. By that time you’ll probably be convinced you’re only gonna sell it until the next bottom is in and you’re gonna buy back in.

  18. Avoid DM’s , you absolutely never have to validate your wallet , get yourself a cold storage wallet, likely Trezor , treat your seed phrase like your social security number and be patient!! Congratulations you just opened your eyes to a whole new way of financial independence

  19. Look into how to self custody and hard wallets.

    Everyone here will recommend you keep it a while. Research Bitcoin, what it is, why it’s here and decide for yourself hie long to hang onto it.

    You can transact in much smaller amounts than a bitcoin, so sell as much or as little as you want.

  20. People have already mentioned a lot about the keeping it use case. However, if you want to convert to cash, I’ll tell you how to accomplish that without getting raked on fees:

    1. Send to Coinbase (open an account if you don’t have one)
    2. When it arrives, do NOT sell it using standard Coinbase. I’ll show you why this is a screenshot below. Click their menu and switch to Coinbase “Advance” (the only thing “pro” about it is their charting, it’s not complicated)
    3. Sell using Coinbase Advance
    4. Switch back to standard Coinbase and withdraw to your bank using ACH withdrawal to your checking or savings account for a zero fee withdrawal. Most ACH transfers takes a few days, but if you have a Bank of America and some others, it will arrive the same day.

    Here is a screenshot of why you want to use Coinbase Advance. My daily limit is only $5000, but even with this amount you can see the massive difference in what you’ll pay in fees. If I were to buy $5k in BTC using standard Coinbase, it would cost me $183. The same transaction on the advance trading is only $20. Their fees scale linearly, so you’re talking about the difference between paying $100 or $900 for 1BTC.

    So when it’s all said and done, if you go this route, you should be able to get it to your bank for about $100.

    To avoid making a mistake when sending, be sure to copy paste the address vs trying to manually enter (I don’t know who would do this, but this is the only real way to mess this up). If you’re extra paranoid, you could try a small test send from something like cash app to the address to give yourself peace of mind that your money will arrive ok.

    To track your transaction once you send it and while you’re nail biting until your balance shows up, you can use to track it at each step on the blockchain.

    Good luck and congrats!

  21. OP this is awesome congrats!

    As everyone has said, ANSWER NO DMs

    Watch some YouTube vids of people using Hardware Wallets, it’s like riding a bike…a bit scary at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s not hard. In fact it’s fun!

    Only you can decide when to sell it, but IMHO years “down the road” you won’t need to sell it as you’ll be able to borrow against it. Think about it like property…rich people borrow against their property all the time and never sell principle. Or, sell some of it…remember 100,000,000 satoshis make up one Bitcoin so fractions could be sold if needed in the future. Not financial advice but if it were me, I’d just hold on to as much of it as possible

  22. Step 1:

    Don’t message anyone over the internet about it or reply to anyone on the internet.

    Step 2:

    Buy a reputable hard wallet, maybe do some research. Look up a video of the wallet if you need to. I would get a wallet that is a 24 word seed phrase for extra security and maybe something that is open source. When your hard wallet arrives and it starts going word by word for the seed phrase… WRITE THEM DOWN IN ORDER AND DOUBLE/TRIPLE CHECK EACH WORD. and if your wallet requires a password then WRITE THAT DOWN SO YOU NEVER FORGET.

    YOUR SEEDPHRASE IS THE ULTIMATE PASSWORD. IF ANYONE GETS THIS THEN CONSIDER YOUR MONEY GONE. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS TO YOUR COMPUTER OR THE INTERNET. If your wallet breaks then just buy a new one and put your seed phrase into the new wallet and then everything will be ok.

    Step 3:

    Immediately transfer your funds to the hard wallet you bought once you get it in person, first do a test transaction of like $5 or something to make sure it’s correct. Look up videos on how to transfer funds from wallet to wallet.

    Step 4:

    Put your wallet + seed phrase into some place highly secret and secure. Do not tell your friends or family. It is easy for someone to just grab your wallet and transfer funds if they know what they’re doing.

  23. Shit like this makes me wonder just how many Bitcoins will be lost to the void. How many of these scratch offs(if real) have BTC as a reward and therefor have keys just floating around waiting to be claimed or otherwise practically cease to exist. 21 mil was the plan but we’ll be so far short of that by then, built-in built-in scarcity

  24. I don’t want to DM and come across as a scammer but I’d love to know how you won this? Is there some kind of lotto website for winning crypto? Sorry I’m a total noob

  25. Did you verify that there was one Bitcoin and you have access to the wallet? If so, Congrats! That’s a lot of money 💰. This has already been said many times before but do not reply to any DMs!!

  26. If you did and it’s legitimate? Do you understand what Bitcoin is? If not research it as much as you can, put it into a private wallet or cold card and hold it as long as you’re able

  27. Keep in hardware walllet. Don’t fall for scammers. Never send your bitcoin to strangers who want to help you earn more btc by sending yours first. Decide when you will sell your btc. Mine is at 90-100k this cycle.

  28. Congratulations! You’re life is now changed for the better. The longer you hold the more valuable it becomes. Keep it safe.

  29. I suggest holding onto it for a while if you can. Don’t cash it until a few years from now. You’ll thank yourself when the time comes

  30. If you have a hardware wallet (I recommend Bitbox for BTC or Coldcard), and you’ve generated your address, please make a test transfer there first. Do not send all your BTC at once. Educate yourself further beforehand. What is a seed? How do I secure it? What should I never do with it? (Never enter it anywhere!) and so on…

  31. Ignore pms!
    Thank you for showing us this!

    How much does each card cost?

    Also congratulations!!

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