Shipping security issue

I ordered a Trezor wallet a few days ago and the shipping label (luckily i was paranoid enough to not ship it to my home address) exposed that its from Trezor.

Seriously guys ? How should we trust you ? All these more complex security measures we have to trust in, but one of the most simple things as not making it apparent for the whole supply chain that you ordered from Trezor, is neglected?

Do you think your customers want the whole world to know that they might own crypto + the address where it can be found ?

A safe place for your coins ?

Am i asking for too much ? … it is frustrating.

reddit imageShipping security issue

2 thoughts on “Shipping security issue”

  1. Dude. Calm your tits. The only issue I see with this, is that someone could have compromised your device before it reached you. If the sticker hasn’t been removed your good.

    Did you know that most people have cash at home? Valuable stuff like TV’s and art? Why should I as a thief care about your damn crypto, when I can steal your TV, cash and everything else in your home, and make a quick profit?

    And let’s say they stole your trezor. It’s useless to them except if they find your pass/seed phrases. So what exactly is the problem here?

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